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No Problem Filling Up Loads Of Albion Online

This is just what I was about to post not even kidding! lol Make it so that there is no fame cap on books and keep the 1/3rd return (I get there needed to be a balance patch and that we were getting too much for the fame of the book I have no problem with that). I have no problem filling up loads of books as a gatherer even under the old system I would fill up 5 to 10 and then just go and gather without them because after that I was set for a few days it was so easy. But when I gather all day and get 7-10 back as my Albion Online Silver ... it's not worth it and it's definitely not reflective of 1/3 of my work.

I do want to thank the devs for being active in this discussion and while I do understand the 1/3rd return please make books that reflect our actual efforts and work in the game otherwise I don't see the point.

Yeah, even when I'm unable to make progress elsewhere, I still log in to take care of my journals, so calling them "dailies" is pretty much spot on.

I can kind of see where Mono and team are coming from, when you think about the crafting laborers. I have two fletcher laborers. To fill their books by buy Albion Online Gold , I just have them in the inventory of whatever character I have making stuff. I take no extra effort. I take no extra risk. For the most part, I don't do anything I wouldn't already be doing, and my books get filled for free.

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