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Christmas decoration and holiday wishes on Albion Online

Everyone here in the Albion Online offices wholeheartedly wishes you a Merry Christmas. It has now been a month since we launched our Closed Beta and this is the first time you can visit Albion in all its Christmas glory.

The cities are decorated with Christmas trees, and a festive melody accompanies you, while you are going about your business. You can spread some love (or teasing) by throwing snowballs at other people by Albion Online Silver . Afterwards, you could go out to hunt Uncle Frost, our special Christmas boss. You can find him in the Keeper dungeons. I hear he leaves you a present when you best him – a Christmas hat.

For proper celebration, there is a set of differently colored fireworks available for purchase in cities: look! It's shiny!
We hope you have enjoyable and relaxed holidays by Albion Online Gold , and wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas.

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