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Albion Online In the Operations Room

Whenever people talk about the development of their favorite game, they usually think of programming, art, design – the things that directly influence the shape of the game. There are a lot of things going on in a game development studio that are not in the public's eye. Today, we want to give you a little insight on what is happening in the operations office of Sandbox Interactive.

Currently, there is four people officially on the operations team. They cover all the not-so-glamorous aspects that keep a game development studio afloat – legal, community management, public relations, marketing, finance... Additionally, we have our CEO Bercilak in our room, who is a great source of knowledge and input for all of these areas.

Then there is Szymon, which you also know as nogare, who is responsible for every piece of content that is more than a text and a picture. He has been with Sandbox Interactive for more than two years now. He shoots some of the videos himself, including recording of ingame footage – and coordinates the external agencies that produce the larger and more elaborate videos like the trailer. A game like Albion Online Gold thrives on visual marketing, as the whole look and feel of the game is best shown in action.

The latest addition to our operations team is Christoph, whom you might know as Talion. He joined up with Sandbox Interactive to work on Albion Online in September. He makes sure that the flow of information on the website and the forums is steady and available in the six languages we provide our website in.

Christoph is present in the English and German community, answering questions and collecting feedback from our players. He is the main connection between our development team and the community - he collects feedback from the forums, presents it internally and makes sure that the ideas of our players are heard by buy Albion Online Gold. He also manages our voluntary and freelance moderators – currently he is in the process of adding Brazilian and French moderators to the team to establish forums in two additional languages. 

Christian has been with Sandbox Interactive since April 2015. He is the person that makes sure that every employee gets paid on time. Doing all the necessary legal stuff that has to do with contracts also falls in his domain. One of his current tasks is to finalize the paperwork for a deal with an external Quality Assurance agency, so Albion Online is in as good a state as possible when we launch our Closed Beta.

As for more fun tasks, Christian does most of our public relations. That entails communicating with the press, making sure that new developments in Albion Online are reported on, organizing interviews with our staff and so on. And, last but not least, he is the second set of eyes going over every article that is published on our page.
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