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Different Moderators On MapleStory

I will agree however that the insults are never needed. They don't help the situation any and they only cause more trouble.
Other than that, being negative is perfectly fine, but yet it's not allowed here. This is the only forums I've seen where you can't be negative without getting banned or censored. It's like pointing out that there's a problem isn't allowed by buy MapleStory Mesos . But of course, that's just the feel we get.
I just like to say that people often tend to have a tad different perspectives on decisions, because we are indeed human moderators and not bots. Even if the interpretation is really similar, we are still many different moderators on the board. So you wont always see 100% consistency, that's something we could get better at really. We are often left with choices how we can handle the situation, it's always based on context and sometimes we don't make the same decisions. I keep reviewing situations and think over what could have been done differently to get better and better, the intentions are always good.
Well, of course I do. These are the Nexon forums after all, and I, as the Community Manager, hold the final charge in regards to happenings here and with the Volunteer team. However, it's been my personal directive to not censor things on the forums at all (I've directed the volunteers in the same manner) - and, in fact, the MapleStory Mesos of posts I've done are those that are just downright offensive or completely derailing to a topic-at-hand that I am interested in seeing continued.
To clarify this in the long term, I do want to do a review of the Code of Conduct and expand and provide clarity within it. I hope to be able to do so soon. 
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