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Gear Needed Extra Resources On Albion Online

Because he's been so helpful and active within our community is so far (and because he's basically a part of the team already, and because there's so many of you now we can barely keep on top of all the threads in the forums), we've decided to promote our very Cheap Albion Online Gold to become our very first moderator! He'll now speak for Sandbox Interactive directly, and will have direct contact with CMs and devs alike, so you'll know you can always go to him for help and information, as much as you can go to me, Empa or Nogare. Soon the test will begin and the forums will come to resemble a dark, ashy pit of death for anyone who has the task of managing them, so Zetecua will prove a great asset to me personally, and to the whole team at Sandbox Interactive, as he already has been. He'll get a cool little icon underneath his avatar, so you'll recognise him as a moderator, and will essentially just be doing exactly the kind of great work he's been doing for months now, but now he'll hopefully feel that his efforts are better recognised. Naturally you're still welcome to come to me, Nogare or Empa with questions, feedback and suggestions; we're not going to start slacking off now that we've got some help, but Zetecua will just be yet another port of call for the intrigued, the unsure, and the Albion Online Silver . So give Zetecua a hearty congratulations, we look forward to working with him, now get back to work being excited for the next test.
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Get Free FIFA 15 Coins,FIFA 15 Guide
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