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About QuizMEOnline

QuizMEOnline is a social networking service for students and teachers. Our mission is to aid every student in reaching their educational goals by creating a social networking environment for students and teachers.

At QuizMEOnline we are dedicated to creating an environment where students, teachers, and anyone with educational interest can come together to accomplish one common goal – “Success”. We believe that by interacting with others that have common goals, every student will have a better chance at achieving their own goals.

QuizMEOnline is a website where students can come together and share an online studying experience.

  1. Create, share and search quizzes (Create A Sample Quiz, Take A Sample Quiz)
  2. Create and share notes
  3. Create classes
  4. Create study groups
  5. Join classes (This is useful when teachers create a class and post notes and quizzes. All students in the class will have permission to take the quizzes and view notes)
  6. Search and add study buddy’s
  7. Create and post articles to share with other students or friends
  8. Create and post poems for those with a creative side
  9. Create and post questions that you would like others to answer for you
  10. Connect with students and teachers in your area or around the globe

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