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behavoir modification test 7

1) generalization : the occurrence of the behavior in the presence of all relevant stimuli outside the training situation
2) natural contingencies of reinforcement : if you cannot provide reinforcement for the behavior in relevant situations outside the training situation, it is important for natural reinforcers to be present
3) stimulus exemplars : the logic is that if the learner is trained to respond correctly to a range of relevant stimulus situations, the behavior is more likely to generalize to all relevant stimulus situations
4) general case programming : using multiple training examples that sample the range of relevant stimulus situations and response variations.
5) functionally equivalent responses : different responses that achieve the same outcome

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Lead Lab 14
Quotes: General Daniel S. “Chappie” James, USAF MAJCOMS
1) “The power of excellence is overwhelming. It is always in demand, and nobody cares about its color.” : Air Combat Command
2) United States Air Force in Europe : Air Force Space Command
3) Air Force Special Operations Command : Air Education and Training Command

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Exam 3
1) Inner Circle : English speaking regions thought to share certain standard features. (USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND)
2) Domain : General situation in which a language interaction occurs (setting)

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US State Abbreviations

1) California : CA

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1) sulgpall : бадминтон/ом
2) korvpall : баскетбол/ом
3) boks : бокс/ом
4) maantee jalgrattasport : шоссейный/ым велоспорт/ом
5) veepall : водное/ым поло

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work study
new descriptions
1) Student Success SS105 : Where students learn skills to improve academic and processional lives. They will learn such things as ethics, communication and stress management skills.
2) Anatomy and Physiology for Physical Fitness FT100 : students will learn about the human body and how it can be improved w fitness training. They will also learn medical terminology as it is related to their field.
3) Cardiovascular/Aerobic Fitness FT110* : students will learn about the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. they will also learn how to assess their clients training needs and be able to gather health history data from clients.
4) Basic Exercise FT120* : students will learn safe and effective training techniques for their clients. They will be able to develop an exercise program to match their clients needs.
5) Strength Conditioning/ Exercise/ Programming FT130* : students will learn about resistance training and strength training. they will learn multiple strength-training equipment options.

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Action Verbs

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Quiz #4
Chapters 4, 14, 18, 19
1) Different forms of electronic communication through which users can create online communities to exchange information, ideas, messages, and other content, such as videos or music : Social Media
2) A type of software or technology that allows users to build, integrate, or facilitate a community, interaction among users, and user-generated content : Social Media Platform
3) Software (such as an app or blog) that enables users to communicate with each other online. : Social Media Tool
4) A website that provides virtual communities through which people can share information, post opinions, and increase their circle of online friends. : Social-Networking Sites
5) A platform that gives users a place to save, organize, and manage links to websites and other Internet resources. : Bookmarking

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Flashcard Set (11/19/2015)

1) Forlorn : Marked by showing hopelessness
2) Contrite : Feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses
3) Heathen : Not acknowledge god
4) Bodkin : A dagger with a slender blade
5) Coax : Influence or urge by gentle caressing or flattering

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stems list 15

1) gon : angle
2) life : mineral or fossil
3) vore : eating
4) holo : whole
5) haplo : single or simple

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Week 1 Prefix and Root words

1) on both sides : ambi- Ex. ambidextrous
2) water : aqua- Ex. aqueous
3) toward body midline : ad- Ex. adduction
4) against : anti- Ex. antigen, antibacterial
5) not, without : a/an- Ex. abiotic, anonymous

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