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1) gkl : gkl
2) gkgkjl : gjklgjkl
3) gjklgjk : gjklgjkl
4) gjkkkkkkk : kkkkkkkk
5) k : kklll

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Terminología 1, Unidad 2
Término, denominación y morfología
1) Término : Unidades de forma y contenido que pertenecen al sistema de una lengua determinada, en cuyo interior conviven distintos subsistemas específicos alternativos
2) Los términos se relacionan... : -con otros términos al mismo nivel o -para construir un discurso y -forman una estructura conceptual
3) Denominación ( también término) : La vertiente formal de la unidad terminológica
4) El concepto : Podemos identificarlo a partir de las características que queremos denominar; el concepto son esas características

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1) Who were voting rights expanded for in the early 1800s : White Males
2) Why did northerner's oppose the federal government's sale of public land at cheap prices in the early 1800s : Cheap land encouraged potential laborers to move from northern factory towns to the west

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Prehistoric Art in Europe-Upper Paleolithic Period
Upper Paleolithic Period (42,000-8000 BC) 1 & 2 Neolithic Period ( 6500/3400/2300 BC)
1) Small figures in bone stone clay examples of Sculpture in the Round/Free of background-Complex thinking (Lion-Human figure)Most rep women (Woman from Willendorf-Austria) Exaggerated female attributes stress health and fertility : Architecture/Shelter in Russia not just utilitarian. Cleverly constructed with skulls, shoulder blades, pelvic bones
2) Cave Painting-animals Chauvet Cave in France.Drawings had special meaning. Maybe as art or to tell a story. Best known found Lascaux in southern France. Inc human figure head of bird with bison. Altimira in southern Spain : Cave Sculptures -Relief Sculpture created by modeling or shaping in damp clay.High relief-important group rites took place there
3) Social and cultural changes beginning of Neolithic Period Intro to metalworking and the Bronze Age : Catalhoyuk - Central Turkey-settlement house upon house-village-powerful by histories and extraordinary art. empasis on maleness. Ritual and dominating wildlife
4) Ceramics-wares made of baked clay-vessels or figures of people and animals. Technical skill and imagination. Seated woman and man. More true to life with identity : Megalithic Architecture-massive tombs and ceremonial structures (Greek word for large-Megas and stone-Lithos) Stratified societies religious and political leaders. Collaboration among social groups. Role of death and burial as theater
5) Dolmen-tomb chamber from huge upright stones or capstones (post and lintel system) mounded to form a cairn or artificial hill. Passage graves have corridors to burial chamber : elaborate burial passage graves lead to large burial chambers Corbel vault is three part chamber. stones engraved with linear designs like rings spirals and diamond shapes

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1) Singe : v. to burn edges or to lightly burn
2) Luxurious : adj. Extremely comfortable, elegant, enjoyable, and usually involves great explense
3) Propel : v. To push forgive force in a certain direction
4) Faint : adj. lacking strength;weak; hard to percieve
5) Infinite : adj. limitless or endless in space or size; impossible to caculate

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Section I
1) 1 : 1
2) 1 : 1

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Stupid random test
1) test 1 : test 2
2) test 3 : test 4

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Lanbideei buruzko hiztegia.
1) Haginlari : Dentista
2) Okin : Panadero/a
3) Irakasle : Profesor/a
4) Aurkezle : Presentador/a
5) Atezain : Portero/a

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Southeast Asia Characteristics

1) Malaysia : West- Malay Peninsula (Kuala Lumper) East- N. Coast Borneo Island Tropical Rainforest 2 types of Agriculture: 1. Plantation: Sugarcane, Rubber, cheaper labor, Foreign labor, Foreign leased- North America, leased farm 2. Shifting Subsistence Agriculture (slash and burning) Oil Islam- main religion Pop: 30 Million
2) Singapore : Urban (Singapore (city)) Industrial Trade Center International banking “World’s cleanest city”- will get in serious trouble for littering Pop: 5 million
3) Brunei : Rich in oil- mine, refine, export, $$$ 1/3 of a million Islam Sultan of Brunei is most wealthiest ruler
4) Indonesia : Archipelago country- made up of islands Islands- volcanic- convergent plate boundary Earthquakes Tropical Rainforest Eastern part: Rubber, Sugarcane, Rice Middle part: Coffee, Tea Western part: Lumbering- Tropical Hardwoods- forested Foreign Owned Factories- cheap labor-Nike-pays workers .19/hr Pop: Quarter of a billion Oil- major producer Islam
5) Papa New Guinea : Pop: 7 Million Central Highlands • Main occupation- Hunting + gathering • Primitive, stone age civilization Bougainville Island • Copper mining-main export Port Moresby- Gov., L.C, M.P

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cardiovascular system
quiz #3
1) angi/o : blood or lymph vessels
2) aort/o : aorta
3) arteri/o : artery
4) ather/o : plaque, fatty substance
5) brady : slow

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1) Sectarian : division of a group based on race, ethnicity or religion
2) Autocracy : a form of government where one person has absolute power
3) Cult of Personality : where a leader uses mass media, propaganda and other methods of manipulation to create a god-like image for themselves
4) Communism : an economic system where the government controls all private property in the name of the workers
5) Genocide : elimination of a specific ethnic, religious or cultural group

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Drivers Ed
Section I
1) Provisional License : Not valid until driver training is started
2) Child Passenger Restraint : Safety seat for a chid under 8 year old is less than 4 feet, 9 inches.
3) Seat Belt : Safety restraint worn while car is in motion
4) Address Change : Notify DMV within 10 days of moving
5) Provisional Permit : Type of license for a driver under 18

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