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PMI Study Session
To study for PMP
1) 1.2 What is a project? : a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.

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Katie Walter

Certified Diabetes Educator Exam
A set of OHA questions on content related to the exam
1) Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitor : Acarbose (50-100 mg tid)
2) Biguanide : Metformin (max 2550 mg/day)
3) Incretin Agent: DPP-4 Inhibitor : Linagliptin (5 mg) Saxagliptin (2.5, 5 mg) Sitagliptin (25, 50,100 mg)
4) Incretin Agent: GLP-1 Receptor Agonists : Exenatide (10 mcg/day) Liraglutide (1.2 -1.8 mg/day)
5) Insulin Secretagogues: Sulfonylureas : Gliclazide (Diamicron up to 320 mg/day) Glimepiride (Amaryl 1-4 mg/day) Glyburide (Diabeta 20 mg/day)

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Catherine Freeze

more radiology
1) Paralleling Technique : Intraoral technique that places the image receptor parallel to the long axes of the teeeth while the central beam of radiation is directed perpendicularly (at the right angles) toward both the teeth and the image receptor.
2) Filter : Absorbing material, usually aluminum placed in the path of the beam, of radiation to remove a high percentage of the low energy (longer wavelength) x-rays.
3) Latent image : The invisible image produced when the film is exposed to x-ray photons. Image remains invisible until the film is processed.
4) Lead Foil : A sheet of lead foil is located in the back of the film packet, behind the film. The purpose of the lead foil backing is to absorb scattered radiation. Scattered x-rays strike the film emulsiion from the back side of the film )the side away from the tube), foggging or reducing the clarity of the image. The lead foil is embossed with a pattern that becomes visible on the developed radiograph in the event that the packer is accidentally positioned backward during the exposure.
5) Film Base : The purpose of the film base is to provide support for the fragile emulsion and to provide strength for handling. They have a thin,flexible,clear,or blue-tinted polyester base. The blue tint enhances contrast and image quality. The base is covered with a photographic emulsion on both sides.

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shayla ross

1) Radiograph : An image produced on photosensitive film by exposing to x-rays. Developing the film produces a negative image that can be viewed and interpreted.
2) Radiography : The making of radio-graphs by exposing and processing x-ray film.
3) Radiology : That branch of medical science that deals with the use of radiant energy in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
4) X-ray fillm : High energy ionizing electromagnetic radiation
5) A panoramic radiograph : Generic term pertaining to the radio graphic image produced by a panoramic x-ray machine. Images all the teeth and supporting structures of the maxilla and mandible.

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shayla ross

1) Tonus : A partial steady contraction of a muscle used to maintain posture, typically managed by the nervous system
2) Isotonic Contraction : A contraction of a muscle that creates movement
3) Eccentric Contraction : the muscle contracts and the muscle lengthens (resisting gravity in the deceleration process)
4) Concentric Contraction : The muscle contracts and the muscle shortens
5) Isometric Contraction : The muscle contracts and creates no movement

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Sara Dominguez

Physiology 1 Flashcard

1) Homeostasis : The ability to dynamically adapt to change when change is sufficiently large
2) Set points : can increase due to activity can decrease due to inactivity
3) Which second messenger is mostly used in cells to activate them? : cAMP (Most common. Made from ATP. Easily broken down by enzymes.)
4) Ca2+ : fastest
5) Feedback loop : Stimulus->receptor detects -> afferent sensory nerve -> integrating center CNS -> motor nerve, sympathetic, parasympathetic -> effector organs -> Back to stimulus with positive or negative feedback

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Victoria Morsching

1) What is only possible with ball-and-socket joints such as at the hip and shoulder? : Cicumduction
2) A palpable tissue response to therapeutically applied pressure is: : rebound
3) The action of the teres minor is : : Lateral rotation of humerus
4) What special consideration should be made for massage clients experiencing morning sickness in teh first trimester of pregnancy? : massage scheduled when symptoms are minimal
5) The main goals of intra-event massage? : Address soft tissue injury

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Sara Dominguez

Air Conditioner

1) Air Conditioning Hudson provide complete AC repair service, AC installations and all other HVAC related problem. It is providing AC repairs Hudson County NJ services from over 30 years. : AC Repairs Hudson County NJ

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Jimmie Edwards

travel and tourism
exam study notes
1) TRAVEL MOTIVATORS Personal : • Curiosity and desire to expand knowledge and self-esteem. • Desire to improve health. • Family research.
2) TRAVEL MOTIVATORS Social : • Visit friends or relatives, or/& social interaction
3) TRAVEL MOTIVATORS Adventure : • desire for exhilaration, risk, challenge, exploration
4) TRAVEL MOTIVATORS Business/professional : • Business conventions, workshops. • Scientific expedition. • Educational trips.
5) TRAVEL MOTIVATORS Environmental : • Desire to experience different landscapes, view wildlife, enjoy outdoor recreation.

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jacob feener

world war 2 unit exam
duvall/sharp classes
1) fascism : a dictatorial/totalitarianism form of government with a strong sense of nationalism that values the state over the individuals; govts forbid and suppress criticism
2) new totalitarianism : -seeks to dominate all aspects of normal life -mobilize and make use of mass political participation -seek the complete reconstruction of the individual and society
3) older concepts of dictatorship : -seeks limited, typically political control -seeks pacified and submissions populations -attempt to rule over the individual society
4) holocaust : the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of 6 million jews and others by the Nazis
5) holocaust literal definition : sacrifice by fire

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skylar h

Social Studies Test
Be careful and study hard
1) Defy : To disobey something or someone
2) 2.Pax romana : Roman Peace
3) Aqueduct : An aqueduct is a water supply or navigable channel constructed to convey water
4) Greco roman culture : The Greco-Roman world
5) Romance Languages : Are the languages that come from latin

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Deslie Almonte

Lre f. S review 3
Lre f. S review 3
1) the change an organism goes through on life (4 stages) of butterfly--egg, larva, pupa, adult : life cycle
2) the movement of water between the atmosphere, Earth's surface, and below Earth's surface : water cycle
3) 1. adult plant with fruit/seeds 2. seeds germinates, 3.seedling grows, 4. young plant grows, 5. plant matures and is pollinated and fertilized : plant cycle
4) the breaking down of rock and Earth's surface into smaller pieces : weathering
5) a trait or characteristic that helps an organism survive : adaptation

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