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1) 3 X 1= : 3
2) 3 X 6= : 18
3) 4 X 3= : 12
4) 7 X 3= : 21
5) 9 X 3= : 27

Created on September 19, 2014
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Pasos para elaborar un folleto
El folleto es un texto escrito, de poca extensión que informa a la sociedad sobre algún evento o situación importante.
1) Seleccionar la información e imágenes que se van a incluir en el folleto, tomando en cuenta el público al que va dirigido y el tema que se va a tratar. : El lenguaje debe ser llamativo, para atraer la atención del lector.
2) Organizar la información y las imágenes dentro del tamaño elegido para el folleto, tomando el diseño y facilitando la comprensión del mensaje. : Generalmente se utilizan palabras técnicas, relacionadas con el evento del cual se informa.
3) Redactar. : Puede llevar esquemas, los cuales facilitan la comprensión del mensaje. El folleto busca crear en el receptor, la necesidad de obtener el producto que ofrece describiendo los aspectos relevantes mediante una intencionalidad apelativa.
4) Seleccionar e integrar las imágenes. : Para hacer más atractiva la presentación del folleto, se deben utilizar colores adecuados.

Created on September 19, 2014
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Entrepreneurship Examination 1

1) Entrepreneur : is a person who relentlessly pursues an opportunity, in either a new or an existing enterprise, to create value while assuming both the risk and the reward for his or her efforts
2) Entrepreneurial Qualities : 1. Commitment and Determination:tenacious, decisive, and persistent in problem solving 2. Leadership: self-starters and team builders who focus on honesty and their business relationships 3. Opportunity Obsession: aware of market and customer needs 4. Tolerance of Risk, Ambiguity and Uncertainty: risk takers, risk minimizers and uncertainty tolerators 5. Creativity, Self-Reliance and Adaptability: open-minded, flexible, uncomfortable with the status quo, and quick learners 6. Motivation to Excel: goal-oriented and aware of personal strengths and weaknesses
3) Social Entrepreneurship : is an entrepreneurial activity with an embedded social purpose, they are one who comes up with innovative solutions to society's most pressing needs, problems and opportunities
4) Entrepreneurship Independence : they must remember that the customer is, ultimately, the boss, but they do have the satisfaction of making their own decisions within the constraints required to build a successful business.
5) Technician Personality : is a steady worker, experienced at doing what he or she knows best, they dislike managing, wanting instead to be left alone so they can get the job done, they live in the moment and do not look towards the future

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Flashcard Set (9/18/2014)

1) Covenantt : a treaty or agreement between 2 unequal parties each of which has duties and responsibilities to the other and is ratified by a specific ceremony in blood and a ritual meal.

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Ch. 10 Cancer Epidemiology, Manifestations, and Treatment

1) List some environmental risk factors that contribute to cancer : -tobacco -ionizing radiation (x rays, radioisotopes, etc) -UV radiation -alcohol consumption -sexual reproductive behavior -physical activity -occupational hazards (asbestos, rubber, paint, explosives, air pollutions, etc) -electromagnetic fields -diet (xenobiotics=toxic, mutagenic, carinogenic chemicals in food) -obesity
2) What are some clinical manifestations of cancer? : -pain: little or no pain associated with early stages of malignancy -fatigue -syndrome of cachexia (most severe form of malnutrition) -anemia (decrease in hemoglobin in the blood) -leukopenia (decrease leukocytes) and thrombocytopenia (decreased platelets) -infection
3) Describe Chemotherapy : Use of nonselective cytotoxic drugs that target vital cellular machinery or metabolic pathways critical to both malignant and normal cell growth and replication
4) What is the goal of chemotherapy : Eliminate enough tumor cells so the body’s defense can eradicate any remaining cells
5) What are the different types of chemotherapy? : -Single-agent chemotherapy -Combination chemotherapy -Neoadjuvant chemotherapy—reduce tumor size before surgery or radiation -ionozing radiation -surgery (debulking and palliative) -hormone therapy -immunotherpay

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Ch. 9 Biology of Cancer and Tumor Spread

1) Describe benign tumors : -grow slowly -well defined capsule -not invasive -well differentiated -low mitotic index -do not metastasize
2) Describe malignant tumors : -grow rapidly -not encapsulated -invasive -poorly differentiated -high mitotic index -can spread distantly (metastasis)
3) How are benign tumors named? : -named according to the tissues from which they arise, and include the suffix "-oma": lipoma-fatty tumors glioma- grows on nerve ending leioyoma-grows on uterus lining chondroma
4) How are malignant tumors named? : according to tissues from which they arise -adenocarincoma -rhabdomyosarcomas (more complicated names)
5) What are lymphomas? : cancers of lymphatic tissue

Created on September 18, 2014
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Ch. 8 Stress and Disease

1) What are the 3 stages of General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) : -Alarm stage: arousal of body defenses -Stage of resistance or adaptation: fight or flight -Stage of exhaustion: onset of disease

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Ch. 7 Hypersensitivities, Infection, and Immune Deficiencies

1) Define hypersensitivity : Altered immunologic response to an antigen that results in disease or damage to the host
2) (Hypersensitivity) Define allergy : Deleterious effects of hypersensitivity to environmental (exogenous-something that comes in) antigens
3) (Hypersensitivity) Define Autoimmunity : -Immune system attacking itself -Antibodies think that self antigens are foreign and start destroying normal healthy cells (Ex: lupus)
4) (Hypersensitvity) Define Alloimmunity : Immune reaction to tissues of another individual (Ex: blood transfusion, organ transplant)
5) What is Type 2 hypersensitivity? : -IgE mediated -Against environmental antigens (allergens) -Histamine release H1 and H2 receptors Antihistamines

Created on September 18, 2014
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Flashcard Set (9/18/2014)

1) Patient Positioning : Hyperextends neck Verbalizes precautions with suspected neck trauma
2) What is the equipment needed for Needle Crico : Alcohol preps 10-14g angiocath 10ml syringe 3.0 or 3.5 mm ET tube adapter
3) Identify the insertion site for a needle crico : Thyroid cartilage Cricothyroid membrane Cricoid cartilage

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Flashcard Set (9/18/2014)

1) What is the rhythm analysis for Slow Rhythms : Sinus bradycardia 2nd degree HB-I 2nd degree HB-II 3rd degree HB
2) What are the therapies for stable Slow Rhythms : Monitor and observe
3) What are the therapies for unstable Slow Rhythms : Atropine 0.5mg IVP Repeat atropine 0.5mg IVP every 3-5min Total atropine 3 mg TCP
4) What are the transcutaneous pacing indications : Unstable sinus bradycardia Unstable 2nd degree HB Unstable 3rd degree HB
5) What are the transcutaneous pacing contraindications : Bradycardia associated with hypothermia Asymptomatic Bradycardia

Created on September 18, 2014
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Flashcard Set (9/18/2014)

1) Identify Analysis for fast rhythms : Supraventricular tachycardia Ventricular tachycardia
2) What are the therapies for Stable SVT : Valsalva maneuvers 1st adenosine dose 6mg IVP 2nd dose 12 mg IVP
3) What is the Adenosine Preferred Administration Technique : Fast IVP iV-antecub 10ml NS flush Reactive airway/asthma/COPD,contact med control
4) Therapies for unstable SVT : 1st synchronized cardioversion 100J Repeat once at 200J
5) Therapies for stable VT : Monitor and observe for changes

Created on September 18, 2014
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Flashcard Set (9/18/2014)

1) Identtify Rhythm Analysis : Ventricular fibrillation Pulseless ventricular tachycardia PEA Asystole

Created on September 18, 2014
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