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Chapter 13

1) Suffrage : The right to vote
2) Caucus : A meeting of members of a political party to choose candidates for upcoming elections
3) Nominating Convention : Meeting at which representative members of a political party chooses candidates to run for important elected offices
4) State's Rights : The right of states to limit the power of the federal government
5) Nullification : The idea that a state has the right to nullify a federal law that the state leaders consider to be unconstitutional

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Anamaria Vasquez

quiz pg 397-399

1) Anton van Leeuwenhoek later discovered more of : animalcules
2) flagellum means : false feet
3) a whiplike organ of locomotion : flagellum
4) are found in freshwater lakes, ponds, and streams : euglenas
5) the euglena also has a another type of movement that because it is found in no other organism is called : euglenoid movement

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sahil jamsa

Chinese Charaters
characters in Chinese
1) 打篮球 : play basketball
2) 踢足球 : play soccer
3) 你喜欢游泳吗? : Do you like swimming?
4) 你喜不喜欢中国功夫? : Do you like Chinese kungfu?
5) 跑步 : Run

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boi bbboi

lymphatic systems
1) Function of Lymphatic system : Fluid Recovery=Circulatory Immunity=Immune system Lipid absorption=digestive system
2) What is lymphadema : big ole kankles....due to the tissues not draining
3) What is Malt : Mucosa associated Lymphatic tissue...little concetrated areas of immune cells
4) Major Lymphatic organs : Tonsils Thymus Spleen= major cite of immune survelance Lymph Nodes = lymph cleansing
5) Innate vs. Adaptive imunity : Innate is immediate response ans example would be skin and mucus membranes Adaptive is delayed and an example is lymphocytes

Created on March 22, 2017 by
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Heidi Elliott

Endocrine System
1) Function of the Endocrine system : Secretes hormones, is a series of glands. The hormones are important for homeostasis, growth and developnment, metabolism and reproduction
2) Difference between Nervous and Endocrine system : Endocrine=Chemical signals Hormones Slower Response effects are broad Nervous System= Electrical & Chemical signals Neurotrasmitter Quick initiation Targets specific organs
3) Three Structural Classifcations of Hormones : Hormones Steroids Monoamins Peptide Hormones
4) What is a ligand : The hormone has to bind with a receptor to cause a change, steriods can get in by themselves, lipids cannot

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Heidi Elliott

Reproductive System
1) Function of Reproductive System : Sexual development and Sexual Reproduction
2) What is the purpose of the scrotum : Acts as climate control for the testes
3) What is OOgenesis : egg formation which starts in a fetus and matures to form oocytes by 6 months, they eventually turn into eggs that are fertilzed or unfertilized
4) The events of the Sexual Cycle during the follicular phase : its the menstural cycle where the ovary mature and it ends with ovulation. During this time you will bleed an regenerate endometrial tissue
5) The events of the Sexual Cycle during the Luteal Phase : occurs after ovulation and before menstration

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Heidi Elliott

Urinary and Reproductive System
1) Major Functions of the Urinary System : Filter Blood Regulate blood volume Regulate Osmolarity
2) Major Organs of Urinary System : Kidneys Ureterers Urethra Bladder
3) Parts of the Nephron : Renal Corpuscle=filters blood Glomerulus=ball of capillaries Glomeral Capsule Renal tubule PCT Loop of Henle DCT Collecting Duct
4) Order of Flow of Filtration : glomerulus...PCT....loop of henle....DCT....collecting duct....minor calyx....major calyx....renal pelvis...ureter...bladder...urethra
5) Anatomy of the Kidney : 3 layers of renal cortex, the renal medulla, and renal pelvis

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Heidi Elliott

Merupakan organisme jamur lendir
1) Mycomicota : Ascomycota

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Galay Widhiasmoro

1) allostasis : Process where motivation is not only influenced by current needs, but also by the anticipation of future needs
2) Satiation : The point in a meal when we are no longer motivated to eat
3) Unit bias : The tendency to assume that the unit of sale of portioning is an appropriate amount to consume
4) Social Facilitation : Eating more
5) Impression Management : Eating less

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matt freedy

Flashcard Set (3/20/2017)

1) Brousseau : Micro espace Meso espace Macro espace

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Anne-Sophie Ragani


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ali dhimini

Unit 3
1) Revolve : When something moves around another object
2) Rotating : When something spins

Created on March 16, 2017 by
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Brandie Rice
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