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religion 5

1) why is the anointing of the sick called the sacrament ofhealing : clinsing of your soul
2) mortal sin and venial sin examples : mortal; kill venial; steal
3) sencere remorse for wrongdoing : contrition
4) the act of absoluting or the state of bring absoluted : absolution
5) what can help / keep you from sinning : being honest or kindness

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alex teed

Ch. 8 Test Review

1) Why do people form governments? : to protect people's rights
2) What is a constitution? : a written plan of government
3) What did the Continental Congress ask each state to do even before declaring independence? : organize their state government and adopt a state constitution
4) Why did states write constitutions? : a. to spell out and protect the rights of all citizens b. to limit the power of the government
5) What was the structure of most of the early state governments like? : they were made up of 2 branches of government: executive and legislative branch

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Anamaria Vasquez


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¿Identificas estos riesgos?
Trata de resolver los siguientes enigmas. Podrás leer las definiciones de algunos de los principales riesgos a los que se enfrenta la hidrosfera. ¿Podrás adivinar de qué peligrosos enemigos se trata?
1) Algo amenaza a la cadena trófica. Muchas especies podrían desaparecer gracias a una actividad descontrolada. : La peligrosa sobrepesca.
2) Provienen de la actividad humana. Es algo que nosotros no queremos pero que podría dañar de manera muy seria a la hidrosfera y a los seres vivos que en ella habitan. O que la necesitan. Como nosotros mismos. : La oscura contaminación y la terrible emisión de residuos.
3) Simplemente se van. La reducción paulatina de sus caudales provoca que todo el ecosistema que depende de ellos se derrumbe. : La agónica desecación de ríos y lagos.
4) El más terrible y peligroso. Dicen que hace aumentar la temperatura, pero también genera desequilibrios que pueden generar catástrofes. : El ¿imparable? cambio climático.

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Gabriel Estan


1) How are paticles packed in a solid? How are paticles packed in a liquid? How are particles packed in a Gas? : They are a tight lattice shape, and they just vibrate. They are STRONG forces of attraction. They are free to move past eachother, there is a SMALLER force between them than in a solid. They are very far apart and they move quickley in any direction, there are NO forces of attraction between them.

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Flossie wilson


1) Cuanto dinero necesitas para comprar un videojuego? : Yo necisito sesenta dolares comprar un videojuegos.
2) Cuanto dinero necesitas para tomar el autobus? : Yo necisito dos dolares para tomar el autobus.
3) Cuanto dinero necesitas para comprar un chocolate? : Yo necisito cinco dolares para comprar un chocolate.
4) Cuanto dinero necesitas para entrar en el cine? : Yo necisito diez dolares para entrar en el cine.

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Neve Bogaty

Mrs. Baugh - American History

1) 1607 : Jamestown
2) Who established Jamestown : John Smith
3) When did the starving times start? : Started in the winter 1609
4) Whats the different between puritans and Pilgrums : Puritans: More strict with there rules
5) Virginia : English landowners & skilled laborers Established for economic reasons

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Brianna Harder

Cellulite Remedy

1) Cellulite removal has now become very easy. It needs to be removed as it changes our body appearance. : Meilleur anti cellulite -- Cellulite is a condition where the fat deposits in the layer of our skin. The more fat you have, the more obvious your cellulite will be. The meilleur anti cellulite is the best anti cellulite that can treat cellulite effectively.
2) Masseur cellulite -- The masseur cellulite is a cellulite removal massager. More information about it can be found here : Appareil cellulite -- The appareil cellulite fights with the fats deposits to reduce the effect of cellulite.

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Dennis Zajac

Cheap hair wigs online

1) Synthetic Hair -- The Synthetic Hair wigs gives style and comfort in a natural way. The risk of damage from heat sources is very less in case of Synthetic Hair wigs. : Indian Remy Hair -- The Indian remy hair is long lasting and will stay good for years. It is popular because of its great versatility.
2) Human Hair Blend Wigs -- The wigs are becoming common and useful with the coming days. The Human Hair Blend Wigs are preferred by majority of the people. : Full Lace Wigs -- They last forever providing you take proper care of them. These wigs are accessible from

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Walter O''Neill

Social Studies Test

1) When did the Phoenicians live from and to? : The Phoenicians lived from 1500 - 300 B.C.E.
2) In which moden countries did the Phoenicians live? : They live in present day Lebanon and part of Syria.
3) What was coastal land good for? : It was good for farming.

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yosi gold

BA273 - Business Statistics (Prof. Dawkins) Ch. 9 + 10
BA273 - Business Statistics (Prof. Dawkins) Ch. 9 + 10
1) The hypothesis tentatively assumed true in the hypothesis testing procedure : Null Hypothesis
2) The hypothesis concluded to be true if the null hypothesis is rejected : Alternative Hypothesis
3) The error of accepting H0 when it is false : Type II Error
4) The error of rejecting H0 when it is true : Type I Error
5) A statistic whose value helps determine whether a null hypothesis should be rejected : Test statistic

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Devin O''Driscoll

Le Participe Passe

1) Avoir : eu
2) Lire : lu
3) Voir : vu
4) Boire : bu
5) Entendre : entendu

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MoonLight Dancer
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