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Peytons science test

1) Science : is the study of the natural world
2) Earth Science : study things like rocks, weather, and the planets.
3) Physical Science : Study matter and energy.
4) Life Scientists : Study Living things
5) Observations : Information collected by using the 5 senses

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Peyton Noe


1) nile : Нил
2) Volga : волга

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Elena El

السيرة النبوية
قصة حياة اعظم الخلق
1) المولد : الوفاة
2) مكة : المدينة

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matter 3rd.

1) anything that takes up space : matter
2) a characteristic of matter that you can observe or measure directly : physical property
3) the amount of matter an object has : mass
4) the amount of space an object takes up : volume
5) the property of attracting certain metals : magnetism

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Palm Beach Probate Attorney
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Sydney wedding stylists
Sydney wedding stylists create a completely unique event each time which represents you as a couple.
1) Types of ceremony : Many members of different communities have known us since we were born and have been a part of other ceremonies and milestones that we have reached in our lives.
2) Venue capacity : We should get the room ready least 30 minutes before the ceremony. It may not be possible to set up the day before as the venue may be in use.
3) Catering : The catering partner will suggest a different menu for your wedding reception.
4) Candles and lightings : Sydney wedding stylists have variety of seating arrangements and also the lighting decoration of the event. You can visit here because they have a beautiful online page that keeps you updated of the various wedding stylist trends.
5) Cakes : Wedding cakes are symbolic from the time they were created until now that they were made even more special for each other.

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Como sabrás, para comenzar este curso es necesario ciertos conocimientos así que responde las siguientes actividades
1) Se le conoce así a las etapas en el desarrollo de las computadoras según las características que se modificaron en cada una de ellas : Generaciones
2) Red de redes que contiene millones de paginas de información de todo tipo : Internet
3) Es la parte tangible de la computadora : Hardware
4) Son todas las aplicaciones que instalan en la computadora y sin ellas no funcionan : Software
5) Medio de comunicación electrónico : Correo electrónico

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alma herrera

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Science Tools 3rd.

1) weighing device that measures mass : balance
2) used to drop small amounts of liquids : dropper
3) the measure the length something is : ruler
4) used to make something look bigger and clearer : microscope
5) used to protect eyes : safety goggles

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1) 6×1= : 6
2) 6×2= : 12
3) 6×3= : 18
4) 6×4= : 24
5) 6×5= : 30

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chapter 22: ethics and values

1) Ethics : a code on which a person bases his or her actions and decisions: the process of determining right from wrong or good from bad.
2) Values: : : personal beliefs about the worth of a given idea, attitude, custom, or object that sets standards that influence behavior.
3) Autonomy : commitment to include patients in desicions
4) beneficence : : taking positive actions to help others
5) non malifence : avoidance of harm or hurt

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