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1) abstract shape : a shape that is derived from a visual source, but is so transformed that it bears little visual resemblance to that source
2) actual lines : lines that are visually present in a design
3) asymmetrical balance : equilibrium among visual elements that do not mirror each other on either side of an axis
4) continuity : degree of connection or flow among compositional parts
5) contour line : a line that describes the edges of a form and suggests three-dimensional volume

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Chapter 3

1) Metabolism : Totality of an organisms chemical reaction
2) Metabolic Pathway : Begins with one molecule and ends with a prodcut
3) Anabolic pathways : consumes energy to build complex molecules from simpler ones Endergonic-energy enters delta G+
4) Catabolic Pathways : Release energy to break down complex into simpler molecules Exergonic -energy exits delta G-
5) Energy : Ability to cause change

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Mg luis
1) hsjdhajkhs jsh dsj djs dskdh skhdk : sdhsakjhdk shkdh skhd

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Chapter 2

1) How to build a polymer? : Dehydration synthesis joined monomers by removing H2O and requires enzymes and energy
2) How To Break Down Polymers : Breaks apart monomers by adding H20
3) Carbohydrates : Composed of C, H, O functions in energy storage Monomers: Sugar
4) What functional Groups are included in Carbohydrates? : Hydroxyl (OH) Carbonyl (C=O)
5) Polysaccharides : Polymers of Sugars Energy Storage(Starch & Glycogen) Building Materials (cellulose& Chitin)

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w4 vocabularyy

1) A perfect world : Utopia
2) a payment to show submission : Tribute
3) a person that wrote plays : Shakespeare
4) Time period of re-birth Greco-Roman ideas : renaissance
5) The muslim Holy Book : Qua'kran

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history section 1 and 2

1) final : eventual
2) greek city state : polis
3) legal member of a country or city state, makes laws discuss issues affecting the community : citizen
4) “high city” upper part in ancient greek city where public buildings and the city's defenses were located : Acropolis
5) art and practice of government : politics

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the states
1) to clear, open reap the land or ticket : Alabama
2) place of the little creek or small stream : Arizona
3) south wind people : Arkansas
4) the long river : Connecticut
5) Its sun up or light on mountain : Idaho

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showing math terms
1) coefficent : A number or symbol multiplied with a variable or an unknown quantity in an algebraic term.
2) variable : A variable is any factor, trait, or condition that can exist in differing amounts or types

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Cell Bio

1) Cells : small membrane enclosed units with the ability to copy themselves through growing and dividing
2) Micro Meters : 1 mm=1,000Um
3) DNA : polymer chains made or nucleotides strung together and code for information
4) DNA synthesis : Genetic information flows from DNA(transcription) to RNA(translation) to protiens
5) Genome : sequence of nucleotides in an organisms DNA

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turbine engines

1) thrust : forward directed force produced by the reaction from a rearward acceleration of a mass of fluid
2) velocity : vector quantity that expresses both the speed am object is moving and the direction in which it is moving.
3) gas turbine engine : form of heat engine that produces torque and thrust but converting the chemical energy in the fuel into heart to drive a turbine.
4) acceleration : amount the velocity of am object is increased by a force during each second it is acted upon by that force.
5) matter : spring that had mass, takes up space, and exists as a solid liquid or gas.

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Costumbres de los Mayas

1) ¿Qué eran algunas de las estéticas de los Mayas? : Desviación de los ojos, piernas arqueadas, la mutilacion dentaría
2) Cierto o falso: los mayas crían que las personas sacrificadas iban al cielo. : Cierto
3) ¿Qué era importante a los mayas? : Agricultura, astronomía, matemática, alimentación, los dioses, la religión
4) Cierto o falso: los mayas hacían los sacrificios para demostrar respeto a los dioses : Cierto
5) ¿Cuál joya los mayas utilizaban en los dientes? : Jade

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MedTerm CH. 11 urinary

1) Kal/i : Potassium
2) Meat/o : opening
3) Olig/o : Scanty (little)
4) Pyel/o : Renal pelvis
5) vesic/o : Bladder

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