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1) س : ج
2) س : ج

Created on April 18, 2017 by
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Nihal Alaa

اللباس وآدابه

1) ما الأصل في حكم اللباس ؟ : الحل والإباحة
2) ما حكم ألبسة الكفار التي تدل على عباداتهم ؟ : لا يجوز للمسلم ارتداءها

Created on April 18, 2017 by
2 card(s)
Nihal Alaa

Jaime inglés 1
1) Huevos : Eggs
2) Manzana : Apple
3) Guisante : Pea

Created on April 17, 2017 by
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Jesus Darriba

SOCB22 Final Definitions

1) Glass cellar : Men are also true victims of sex discrimination in the workplace They are often stuck in the most hazardous and dangerous jobs. 250 occupations ranked by the Jobs Related Almanac, the 25 worst jobs (truck driver, roofer, construction worker) were all male. In Canada, men are 30 times more likely to die on the job than are women. Also oppressive: Men supposed to remain stoic and uncomplaining in the face of danger. They might shun safety procedures or equipment because they see them as being unmanly. Important caveat is that many of these jobs offer very high pay (unionized construction work etc.) Much higher pay than jobs that are almost exclusively female (nanny etc.)
2) Glass ceiling : artificial barriers, based on attitudinal or organizational bias that prevent qualified individuals from advancing upward within their organization into management level positions In many cases, there is inherent bias in how employees are evaluated that don’t take into account gender differences beyond an employee’s control These effects are often multiplied when race, ability, and other intersectional issues enter into the equation man and woman switch names email
3) Glass escalator : Being a man entering a “female” job results in positive discrimination (male nurses, librarians etc. are often given preferential treatment and are promoted more rapidly and frequently). Women to not get to ride the glass escalator when they take on traditionally male occupations. In fact, women often face sexual harassment and other problems ie. men who do women's work may earn less than men who work in male occupations but within the same occupation they still earn more and are promoted faster than women are in the same occupation (men take their gender privilege with them when entering female occ)
4) Cis gender : A term for people whose gender identity aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth.
5) Human capital theory : A theory that comes from an economic perspective Human Capital: “the skills humans may acquire (through education, job training, and job tenure) that affect their ability to be productive in their job…it includes anything that increases a worker’s productivity.” (Ryle, 2018, p. 395). Related to the idea of “rational choice” (i.e. That a person will make choices that maximize the rewards and minimize the costs related to any particular course of action). Rewards are usually monetary—but not always. Women calculate how to maximize their human capital investments differently than men because women are able to bear children. May result in women gravitating towards certain professions (and continued sex segregation).

Created on April 14, 2017 by
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J Lee

Marco Juridico SS
Marco Juridico de la Seguridad Social en Mexico
1) Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos : Articulo 123
2) Ley del Seguro Social : Articulo 2 y 3
3) Ley del Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la vivienda para los Trabajadores : Articulo 3

Created on April 12, 2017 by
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Fatima Torres


1) pp : pp
2) ppp : ppp
3) ppp : ppp

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An Ka

Study Guide

1) the pattern of tempreature and prediction typical of an area over a long period of time : Climate
2) move and mix water around the word : Deep Currents
3) define wave : a wave is a movement of energy through a body of water
4) the size of the wave also depends on what : strength
5) tsunamis are most common in : pacific ocean

Created on April 11, 2017 by
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pratham patel

Health Psychology Ch 5,6,7,10
Health Psychology Exam 2
1) Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) : progressive degenerative inflammatory disease - coronary atherosclerosis
2) Cardiovascular Disease : sources of injury: stress reactions, negative emotions and depression, high BP, high blood sugar, bacterial infection. Coronary artery enlarges and weakens
3) Leukocytes and Monocytes : eat LDL (bad cholesterol) and turn into macrophages that develop into a plaque that lines vascular wall.
4) HDL : happy, good cholesterol
5) Atherosclerosis : walls of artery narrow and harden, plaque accumulates and may rupture (thrombosis - blood coagulates together to stop bleeding), this clot can break off and travel through arteries

Created on April 09, 2017 by
72 card(s)
Amanda Grossi

Gerencia en TI-TSP
Team Software Process
1) Principal motivacion para el desarollo TSP : La conviccion que equipo de ingenieria puedan hacer y trabajo extraordinario pero si estan correctamente formados y entrenados
2) Objetivo para el cual se desarrollo al TSP : Proporsionar un proceso operacional, para ayudar a ingenieros a realizar un trabajo coherente
3) Concepto de equipo : Consiste en al menos 2 personas
4) Importancia de la interdependencia de trabajo en equipo : Mejora el funcionamiento individual y ayuda a apoyarse el uno al otro
5) Principal característica de equipo eficaz : Los miembros son expertos

Created on April 07, 2017 by
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Juan David Espitia

Ch.19.2 Flashcard

1) Deforestation : the clearing away of forests

Created on April 06, 2017 by
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Leen Fares

Exam 4

1) Muscle spindles : • “intrafusal” muscle fibers • Located in the muscle belly parallel with fibers • When stretched, sensory nerve sends impulses to CNS, which activates the motor neurons causing contraction of the muscle • More spindles are located in muscles controlling precise movements
2) Intrafusal fibers : • Inside the muscle spindle • Composed of 3-10 small muscle fibers that are encased in a sheath of connective tissue
3) Stretch reflex : • A muscle gets stretched • The muscle spindle is activated by change in length of the muscle • An afferent message is sent to the spinal cord • The alpha motor neuron is activated • The muscle that is stretched is activated, and the antagonist is inhibited
4) Reciprocal inhibition : • Inhibition of tension development in the antagonist muscles resulting from activation of muscle spindles
5) Reflex loop : • 1. – gamma efferent (motor) neuron sets the sensitivity of the muscle spindle (book gets dropped on hand) • 2. – muscle spindle (bicep) gets activated by stretch • 3. - afferent (sensory) signal sent to the dorsal horn of spinal cord • 4. – signal passes (via monosynaptic junction) to 2 alpha efferent neurons • 1 activates the muscle that got stretched (bicep) • 1 inhibits the antagonist (tricep) (aka reciprocal inhibition) • 5. – arms returns to original position •6. – signal brain to tell it what happened

Created on April 06, 2017 by
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Chelsea Fetsco


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Dectric Boldien
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