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1) El apartamento : the apartment
2) el armario : the closet
3) la planta baja : the ground floor
4) los muebles : furniture
5) bajar : to desend

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List Five
AP Literature Vandagriff 2nd hr
1) Abashed : embarrassed
2) condiment : seasoning, spice
3) exacerbate : to make worse or more severe
4) pungent : sharp in smell or taste
5) castigate : to punish

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US History Midterm

1) 100% Americanism : After World War I, deep feelings of patriotism and anti-German sentiment gave rise to the 100 Percent Americanism movement. The movement celebrated all things American while it attacked ideas (and people) it viewed as foreign and/or anti-American. Wilson supported this, 4 minute men gave speeches to create this atmosphere. Creel Committee (Committee on public information) advocated this as well in order to create unity.
2) 16th Amendment : This amendment gives the federal government the power to tax a person's income. These income taxes can be used to pay for the government's new programs. Taxes are not based on a flat rate but can change according to the amount of income earned. The richer you are, the more taxes you pay. If you're poor, you get a break. Paying for larger forces meant raising money; thus, the 16th amendment.
3) 17th Amendment : It amends Article 1 Section 3 of the Constitution to provide for the direct election of Senators by the people of a state rather than their election or appointment by a state legislature, thus effectively eliminating state representation in Congress. It was passed and ratified during the Progressive Era. Popular election of senators - This amendment lets the people from each state elect their state's senators. Prior to this, Senators were appointed by the state legislature, which could be manipulated. Part of the New Deal.
4) 18th Amendment : The 18th Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibited the production or sale of alcohol. it created prohibition. no alcohol consumption was allowed in the US. The 18th Amendment was part of the fundamentalism that characterized the decade; also built on the popularity of the earlier temperance movement and anti-war German sentiment during WWI. People smuggled alcohol because of it. Part of moral values of progressive era.
5) 19th Amendment : Gave women the right to vote. Women were encouraged to support the war effort by joining the Red Cross, buying war bonds, and working in factories • Approximately 1M women joined the labor force for the first time, especially in higher paying industrial jobs. • The war had a profound impact on the women’s suffrage movement (safe for democracy); the 19th amendment was finally ratified in 1920. • Doing work that had been done by men, received higher wages. • Making up for their male family members in the war who couldn’t earn them money any longer. • Thought patriotism would grant them right to vote. Used Wilson’s words against him (making the world safe for democracy, democracy in the rest of the world?) • Effort very successful. Women over 21 the right to vote. The war was a primary motivator to the timing of the amendment.

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Bio Chapter 16

1) What was Fred Griffith studying? : He was studying Streptococcus pneumoniae.
2) What is Streptococcus pneumoniae? : a bacterium that causes pneumonia in mammals.
3) What was Fred Griffith experiment? : inject live streptococcus into mice, they die: conclude encapsulated strain is pathogenic. Inject rough strain, mice happy: conclude bacteria lacking polysaccharide coat non-pathogenic.
4) What happened when heat killed S-strain? : mice happy: conclude polysaccharide coat doesn't cause pneumonia.
5) What happened when heat killed S-strain mixed with live R cells? : mice died: blood samples contained live S cells: conclude R cells had acquired from dead S cell the ability to make polysaccharide coats.

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review question form 10/19/14 mock test score

1) Mycelex troches will be given through which route of administration? : Buccal
2) What is the generic name for biaxin? : clarithromycin
3) The type of reaction is umpredictable and the cause is unknown in patients taking the same medication however when this reaction occurs it can have serious effects on the patient. : idiosytcratic
4) Which of the following is the most acceptable definition of a contradiction? : symptom or medical condition making a drug or form of treatment inadvisable to prescribe.
5) How many times may a retail pharmacy submit a DEA form 41 each year for destruction of controlled substances? : 1

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introduction to social welfare and social work
1) What is social work? : The practice or activity of helping other restore order and capacity for social functioning
2) What is social welfare? : A system of programs whose concerns and goals are centered around the well-being of people in a general society
3) What is the residual perspective? : They focus on problems or gaps, It is for people who fail at providing adequately for themselves
4) What is the institutional perspective? : The idea that having issues in life is normal and it is society's responsibility to help one another
5) Developmental perspective : That society needs to help other so they can build up what it takes to do it on their own

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Swahili Msamiati (Hadithi ya Panya)

1) panya : rat
2) idadi : number
3) -zidi : more, increase
4) -liwa : to be eaten
5) paka : cat

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Theology 1 Midterm
Lister Midterm
1) Theological Disciplines : Biblical Studies-The details like Bib Interp Biblical Theology- The storyline like OT or NTSystematic SystematicTheology- Whole Bible theology Church History- We study because we're not the first to do theology Ethics- How we should live by the Bible Apologetics- Defense of Faith
2) Hierarchy of Doctrine Magnitude : 1) Deity and Faith (Salvation) 2) Denominational Background (Communion Baptism) 3) Personal (Age of earth end times)
3) Professors Argument for the Class : a. Inspiration-all scripture is God breathed b. Inerrancy- Bible is perf c. Necessity- We need the Bible in our lives d. Perspicuity- The Bible is clear over all e. Sufficiency- The Bible is sufficient f. Authority- It has authority over our lives
4) Our need to know God : - God is unfathomable we CAN"T know all of him - But we should still try - God is holy and transcendent we are sinful - He has chosen to keep things a secret (Deut 29:29)
5) Isaiah 11 and John 17 : The cosmic goal of history: What was lost in the fall will be regained

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1) competencias : competitions
2) deporte : sport
3) Asociacion Profesional de Golf : pro golf
4) practicar un deporte : practice a sport
5) arquero de futbol : goalkeeper of soccer

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1) What is the basic definition of “nondemocratic regime? : system in which leaders are not selected by, or legally accountable to, the public through free and competitive elections.
2) Military Rule : rule by military leaders, and by the military directly as an organization
3) One- party rule : a single political party controls the government
4) Personal rule : government run by an individual and his/her family and personal associates
5) Totalitarian regime : a type of authoritarian regime in which the government tries to exercise total control over all aspects of country: politics, economy, society, culture

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1) seyogyanya : should
2) sampingan : side
3) sandiwara : drama,play
4) sandungan : block
5) berpengaruh : dominant

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1) Hardware characteristics or conditions that do not conform to the requirements of this specification as : Hardware defects or hardware process indicators.
2) The __________ always takes precedence over this standard, referenced standards and drawings. : contract
3) When a clause in this document is referenced, : its subordinate clauses also apply.
4) This drawing represents? : Wire Overwrap
5) Solder alloys shall be in accordance with J-STD- ____ or equivalent. : 006

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