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Chapter 5

1) conclusive research : Research designed to verify insights through objective procedures and to help marketers in making decisions
2) crowdsourcing : Combines the words crowd and outsourcing and calls for taking tasks usually performed by a marketer or researcher and outsourcing them to a crowd, or potential market, through an open call
3) customer advisory boards : Small groups of actual customers who serve as sounding boards for new-product ideas and offer insights into their feelings and attitudes toward a firm’s products and other elements of its marketing strategy
4) database : A collection of information arranged for easy access and retrieval
5) descriptive research : Research conducted to clarify the characteristics of certain phenomena to solve a particular problem

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Elements of Art
1) What are the 6 elements? pg. 8 : 1. Line - path of a moving point. 2. Value 3. Shape 4. Texture 5. Color 6. Space
2) Line pg. 8 : Path of a moving point.
3) TYPE OF LINES - Silhouette pg. 8 : Outside edge
4) TYPE OF LINES - Contour pg. 8 : Edge of a mass.
5) TYPE OF LINES - Cross-Contour pg. 8 : Cuts across the mass & changes direction to show bumps (convex) & hollows (concave).

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Principles of Art
1) Composition pg. 5 : Organzing the visual elements (v.e.) into a unifed whole.
2) Unity pg. 5 : A feeling of togetherness.
3) Harmony pg. 5 : -relating the visual elements (v.e.) -repetitive -unity
4) Variety pg. 5 : -contrasting the visual elements (v.e.)
5) Balance pg. 5 : A feeling of equilibrium.

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5 Categories I. General II. Principles III. Elements IV. Technique V. Styles
1) Art pg. 2 : Expression of an idea through some medium (medium -materials/process used to create art). - complex -approached on numerous levels
2) Medium pg. 2 : Materials/process used to create art.
3) Illustration pg. 2 : - storytelling - realistic - approached on one level
4) Cliche' pg. 2 : Over & over again. - fruit - sunset - flowers
5) Aesthetics pg. 2 : Study of what constitutes beauty (beauty - a quality that excites the senses & elevates the mind). - visual concern - artistic value, merit

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Flashcard Set (6/25/2015)

1) Stylization : An image removed from naturalism (realism)
2) Plastic : Appearance of 3D form & space.
3) Plastic : Appearance of 3D form & space.

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Vocab Rev Year 4 June

1) GM stands for ... : Genetic Modification
2) Lebensmittelkennzeichnung : food labelling
3) (gesetzliche) Bestimmungen : regulations
4) ein (heiß) umstrittenes Thema : a controversial topic
5) eine größere Ernte einbringen : yield a higher harvest

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Western Diagnostic Exam Prep
Final exam preparation 9-13
1) Name 7 non invasive imaging techniques. : X-ray CT scan MRI Ultra Sound Nuclear scanning-radionuclide testing Clinical Digital Thermography PET scans
2) Name 5 imaging techniques that require some degree of invasion : Angiogram Laparoscopy Endoscoy Punch biosy Tissue biopsy
3) What is the name of the 2D film produced by an x-ray? : Radiograph
4) Which imaging technique produces an image similar to a photographic negative? : X-ray

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Greek and Latin Roots_1

1) a-, an- : not, without
2) a-, an- : not, without

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Megan's flash card's
I love his website it's so cool cants wait to play
1) House : A house is a place which has door and windows and bedrooms and bathrooms and a sittingroom and lots more things like that
2) Park : A park is where it has a slide,swings,seesaw
3) Dog's : Dog's are pets that can bark and he walked anywhere and they have a lead
4) Cat's : Cat's are cute and awesome because there can go anywhere they want because they don't have leads
5) Outside : Outside is a place where you can have fun with your friends and maybe also your family

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Herbology Exam WHMC311
The questions and answer have only been taken directly from the lectures. No other sources have been considered.
1) 1-What herb can interfere with corticosteroid clearance from the liver. : Licorice inhibits the breakdown of corticosteroids in the liver so its effects may be enhanced and/or prolonged (L22S48).
2) 2-Which herbs have a viagra like effect causing vasodilation and nitric oxide release in the genitals? . : Specifically Tribulus terrestris, but also Panax ginseng, Pausinystalia yohimbe, Ginkgo biloba and Lepidium meyenii (Maca) all treat erectile dysfunction (L30S72-73)
3) 3-Some diuretic herbs leach potassium and some don’t. What herbs are potassium sparing? : Urtica dioica fol (nettle leaf), Equisetum arvense (horsetail), Betula pendula (birch), Sambucus nigra (elder), Agrimonia eupatorium (agrimony), Matricaria chamomilla (chamomile), Tilia europae (lime flowers) ARE potassium sparing. Licorice is NOT potassium sparing. (L29S18)
4) 4-Fluid retention is a side effect of the OCP. What herbs may help with fluid balance while taking the OCP? : Herbs that help with fluid retention- Vitex agnus catsus, Taraxacum officinale. Would not give Licorice while on OCP because it can INCREASE fluid retention. (L31S36&75&87)
5) 5-What is the difference between primary and secondary dysmenorrhea? : Primary (Functional)- Occurs in ovulatory cycles without any identified pathology in the genital tract Secondary (Aquired)- Painful periods due to an identifiable cause (L32S5&8)

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history final
history final 2015
1) Who was the President during World War 1 : Woodrow Wilson
2) Woodrow Wilson famous quote for declaration of war on Germany : "The World must be made safe for Democracy"
3) Major reason for US entry into World War 1 : The Breaking of the Treaty of Versailles Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
4) Immediate cause of the US entry into World War 1 : Sinking of the Lucitania
5) President's Wilson's 14 points : His plan for 14 points after world war 1 An attempt to prevent another world war

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dental materials
ch 1-3
1) torative resin : generic term for certain organic substances , either natural or synthetic, used in dental plastics
2) acrylic resin : used as a denture base material and also for trays and other dental restorations; the principle ingredient of many plastics used in dentistry

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