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Geography Test

1) What term describes the expansion of the desert toward the savanna? : Desertification
2) What country in the Sahel has been influenced the most by Islam? : Mauritania
3) What country in the Sahel has the largest Christian population? : Chad
4) The Niger river flows through which Sahel countries? : Mali and Niger
5) The Senegal river flows through which Sahel countries? : Mali and Mauritania

Created on April 26, 2018 by
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Adam Angle

Katie. GCSE PE / Biology - Bones

1) Cranium : Skull
2) Scapula : Shoulder Blade (flat bone)
3) Clavicle : Collar Bone
4) Humerus : Top of the arm (long bone)
5) Radius : Lower arm

Created on April 26, 2018 by
20 card(s)
Ally Davis

Katie. GCSE PE

1) RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Trachea : Wind pipe Takes air to and from the lungs
2) RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Lungs : 2 organs in the chest exchange of gases happen during breathing
3) RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Alveoli : Tiny sacks at the end of the bronchioles where gas exchange takes place
4) RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Bronchi : Tube where air passes from the trachea (wind pipe) into the lungs
5) RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Diaphragm : Primary muscle used in inhalation or inspiration. Dome shape muscle that separates the chest from the rest of the body

Created on April 26, 2018 by
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Ally Davis

Chapter 14 Theories of Personality

1) Personality : Consistent, enduring, and unique characteristics of a person.
2) Unconscious : The part of the mind that contains material of which we are unaware but that strongly influences conscious processes and behaviors.
3) Id : The part of the unconscious personality that contains our needs, drives, instincts, and repressed material.
4) Ego : The part of the personality that is in touch with reality and strives to meet the demands of the id and the superego in socially acceptable ways.
5) Superego : The part of the personality that is the source of conscience and counteracts the socially undesirable impulses of the id.

Created on April 25, 2018 by
25 card(s)
Jennifer Garcia

Medical Terminology Review

1) Cutane/o : Skin
2) Hidr/o : Sweat
3) Lip/o : Fat
4) Onchy/o : Nail
5) Pil/o : Hair

Created on April 25, 2018 by
10 card(s)
taylor bailey

Katie. GCSE PE - Fitness & Body Systems

1) Cartilage : firm, connective tissue
2) Ossification : process of development from cartilage to bone
3) Somatotype : body shape or type
4) What are Long Bones? : bones that are longer than wider
5) What are Short Bones? : Short bones = same size in length, width, thickness

Created on April 25, 2018 by
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Ally Davis

psy 141

1) What is Binet and Simon Famous for? : They devised a test to measure the intellectual development of children and believed that the measure of intelligence is based on an individuals performance when completing complex tasks of memory judgement and comprehension
2) What is Wechsler famous for? : Removing biases associated with earlier intelligence tests (ex: toward native English speakers). Believed IQ was based on verbal intelligence and non verbal intelligence
3) What is intellectual impairment? : Below average general intellectual functioning. Iq less than 70 Can be genetic, biological or environmental
4) What is savants syndrome? : Savants is when someone with an intellectual disability demonstrates abilities far exceeding average. 10% of autism are savants
5) What is validity? : A tests ability to assess a construct it was designed to measure

Created on April 24, 2018 by
32 card(s)
nic Fares

Accounting final

1) What is the best predictor of forecasting sales? : Previous sales-historical data
2) Elastic demand? : Small change in price causes large change in demand (1 event)
3) Inelastic demand? : Price change causes no change in demand
4) Revenue elements? (2) : Volume and price
5) What does CVP stand for? : Cost-volume-profit

Created on April 23, 2018 by
42 card(s)
Rachelle Labonte

Flashcard Set (4/18/2018)

Created on April 18, 2018 by
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Leslie Torres

Psych 101 Chapter Adulthood and Old Age, Section 1-23

1) Menopause : The biological event in which a woman's production of sex hormones is sharply reduced.
2) Generativity : The desire to use one's wisdom to guide future generations--directly, as a parent, or indirectly.
3) Stagnation : A discontinuation of development and a desire to recapture the past.
4) Climacteric : Represents all of the psychology and biological changes occurring at that time.

Created on April 11, 2018 by
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Jennifer Garcia

tysk preposisjoner

1) Ved, på, til : an
2) : auf
3) I, inn i, til, om : in
4) bak : hinter
5) ved siden av : neben

Created on April 10, 2018 by
9 card(s)
Henrikke Kvittingen

Propiedades de la luz

1) Fuentes de luz natural : Son aquellas fuentes que producen emiten luz si que el hombre intervenga en ellas, por ejemplo el sol.
2) Fuentes de luz artificial : Son aquellas fuentes que emiten luz gracias a la intervención del hombre, por ejemplo la vela.
3) Elementos que emiten luz : Son aquellos elementos que producen luz por sí mismos, por ejemplo el la lámpara
4) Elementos que reflejan la luz : Son aquellos que no emiten luz, solo brillan.
5) Propagación de la luz : Es el hecho de que la luz viaje en línea recta, y pueda traspasar materiales transparentes, pero no los opacos, por eso se produce la sombra.

Created on April 09, 2018 by
8 card(s)
Cristian canulao
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