CVHS 2013 APHG Final Study Guide Quiz
Each question from each test we took this spring semester (political geography, agricultural geography, developmental and industrial geography, and urban geography). Entirely verbatim (except for th....
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Chinese Architecture
1. What do chinese urban areas lack? 2. what is prevalent in the delta region of china? 3. The north of china is desert, the east is fertile, and there is a wall on the west side of china
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Inca and Aztec Architecture Quiz
1. Why was Machu Pichu able to survive in structure? 2. What does the urban fabric of machu pichu consists of? 3. there were no adobies in machu pichu all the houses were made out of granite
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Japanese Architecture Quiz
1. what is unique about japanese weather? 2. Who are the Yamato people and what did they bring to Japan? 3. The Joman people got their name for what?
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Korean Architecture Quiz
1. What are two major groups of mountains called in Korea? 2. Combware pottery is part of what time period? 3. What does the decorative motif look like on the pots?
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Star Quiz
Quiz about science and Technology, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, history and geography, health science, game and bollywood
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Architecture definitions
Architecture definitions and concepts
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places of architectural sites
1. Where was the Homor erectus house? - Nice France 2. Where is newgrange? - near dublin ireland 3. Where is the white temple? - uruk Iraq
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cultures and creators of early architecture
1. What seven buildings are Roman? - The Roman Forum and other Imperial Forums. Third style fresco. The Colosseum. The Pantheon The Floor mosaic from the house of the drinking contest. The baths ....
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krista's flashcard
flashcards are the the best thinks ever in the world ever
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Preliminar Vocab
1. Hola - Hello 2. Buenos Dias - Good Morning 3. Buenos Tardes - Good Afternoon
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Art Midterm
Created: 3/1/2012 10:33 PM
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Architecture definitions
Architecture definitions and concepts
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1. hot sun coold
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