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Cohen 3E Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Created: 6/5/2015 4:49 AM
Taken: 8 Times

Santrock Ch 14 Adol Phy, Sub,Eating
PSY 3500
Created: 4/27/2015 3:22 PM
Taken: Never

Pilihla salah satu
Created: 4/14/2015 11:41 PM
Taken: 33 Times

Kuis Umum
Pertanyaan-pertanyaan berisikan pengetahuan umum
Created: 7/26/2014 12:29 PM
Taken: 9 Times

Mid Term Study Guide
Created: 6/29/2014 9:25 PM
Taken: 24 Times

Trastornos del aprendizaje.
Con este breve quiz, se pretende evaluar los conceptos adquiridos a lo largo de la unidad en lo referente a trastornos del aprendizaje y sus características.
Created: 5/30/2014 3:04 PM
Taken: 8 Times

Phobia Quiz
How well do you know your phobia facts? Take the quiz to find out. Don't forget to let us know your score on Facebook and Twitter!
Created: 2/14/2014 9:27 AM
Taken: 6 Times

Review for Psychology Midterm #3 Quiz
Covers Lectures from the past 3 weeks.
Created: 11/10/2013 7:15 PM
Taken: 3 Times

Advance Cognitive Neuroscience
1. The cortex consists of six layers that have a certain specialization. Which layers are mainly involved in processing information? 2. The responses of most neurons, even when the same stimulus is pr....
Created: 9/28/2013 12:04 PM
Taken: 13 Times

Personality Quiz
1. A characteristic of the Humanistic theory of personality which claims that 'what you believe will become reality' is called: 2. The ingrained tendency to reach our full potential would be called: 3....
Created: 9/10/2013 10:15 PM
Taken: 3 Times

Chapter 2 Psychology flash cards
1. physilogical process 2. What do physilogical psychologists do 3. Behavioral Neuro Science
Created: 6/14/2013 8:06 PM
Taken: 1 Time

Human Sexuality Quiz
Questions for Exam Final at Auburn University
Created: 4/29/2013 7:27 PM
Taken: 68 Times

Star Quiz
Quiz about science and Technology, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, history and geography, health science, game and bollywood
Created: 4/28/2013 9:11 PM
Taken: 68 Times

HD 3200 Prelim 2 Quiz
prelim 2
Created: 4/24/2013 1:18 PM
Taken: 1 Time

Exploring Psychology with Critical Thinking Chap 2 Quiz
The second quiz for psych
Created: 1/28/2013 5:17 AM
Taken: 10 Times


1. Behaviorism - A theory of learning that focuses soley on observing behaviors, discounting the importance of such mental activity as thinking, wishing, and hoping. John B. Watson coined this term. 2....
Created: 10/8/2013 12:30 PM
# of Cards: 61

Chapter 2 Psychology flash cards
1. physilogical process - are intrested in the physical processs that underlines mental operations such as vision and memory 2. What do physilogical psychologists do - May use animal models (that is, ....
Created: 6/14/2013 8:00 PM
# of Cards: 17

krista's flashcard
flashcards are the the best thinks ever in the world ever
Created: 3/7/2013 6:58 PM
# of Cards: 20

Neuroscience definitions
Definitions of neuroscience terms.
Created: 2/6/2013 2:02 PM
# of Cards: 31

Adolescense Chapter 1 Vocabulary
Adolescence book by Laurence Steinberg
Created: 12/14/2012 9:14 AM
# of Cards: 37

AP Psychology Terms Chapter 5 Flashcard
1. Sensation - the process by which our sensory receptors & nervous system receive and represent stimulus energies from our environment 2. Perception - the process of organizing and interpreting senso....
Created: 11/15/2012 1:45 PM
# of Cards: 15

BioPsych part 2
1. Steriod Hormones - hydrophobic/lipophilic...small-may travel trhough skin with help of hydrochloric in blood with carrier..cytoplasmic or nuclear receptors...change protein synthesis......
Created: 11/5/2012 12:00 PM
# of Cards: 6

Biopsych Christina Smith
1. Thalamus - recieves and coordinates majority of sensory information-except smell.Located below cerebral cortex(controls all of the signals) 2. Hypothalamus - Regulates Bodily functions like hunger/....
Created: 11/5/2012 11:46 AM
# of Cards: 15

cognitive final
cognitive final
Created: 4/6/2012 11:42 PM
# of Cards: 7

Cognitive Psychology
Created: 2/27/2012 7:05 PM
# of Cards: 43

Psychological Terms
A quiz on glossary psychological terminology.
Created: 1/15/2012 9:53 PM
# of Cards: 10

Study Guides

Psychology Final Exam Study Guide
1. The 5 main goals of psychology are to:
Created: 12/14/2016 6:22 PM

Psyc 102.002 Exam 3
How do I use this study guide? 1. Provide a definition 2. Get examples 3. Apply it to a situation
Created: 11/1/2016 10:47 AM

Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba
Created: 9/7/2016 7:09 PM

Psychology 1-2 Final Exam Q2 (Cox)
1. Type A/B personalities repression denial displacement intellectualization rationalization regression sublimation projection eustress distress anxiety stress stages of adolescence co....
Created: 1/7/2016 7:40 PM

Theory of Personality
Examining Freud and Post-Freudian personality psychology. Includes ego relations, trait theory, and early developmental stages.
Created: 3/24/2015 2:07 PM

PSY 351 Cultural Psy
2nd exam
Created: 2/23/2015 1:57 PM

Psychology Chapter 1
Unit 1
Created: 12/16/2014 2:42 PM

Notes for chapter 1:An introduction to the structure and function of the body,1
objectives: 1.define the following terms:Anatomy,Physiology,and Pathology 2.List and discuss in order of the increasing complexity the levels of organization of the body 3.define the term Anatomica....
Created: 2/8/2014 1:11 PM

AP Psychology
1. MRI
Created: 1/18/2014 8:49 PM

Phycology 2 Exam
Created: 10/8/2013 11:39 AM

1. hot sun coold
Created: 10/2/2013 4:03 PM

PSYC 1001 - Intro to General Psychology
1. 1) How many different types of psychology are there? 2) What are they?
Created: 5/6/2013 9:28 PM

Mental Operations
Learn Piaget's stages of mental operations and Kohlberg's stages of moral development.
Created: 4/30/2013 8:28 PM

Created: 4/24/2013 5:48 PM

GPSYC 160 Study Guide: Test 2
This study guide is for a course focused on the psychology of life span and human development taught by Dr. Claire W. Lyons at James Madison University. The second exam for which this study guide has ....
Created: 3/25/2013 5:15 PM

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