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Computer-Sciences Flashcards

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IST 260 Study Guide Chapter 4
CCDA 640-864
1) The three main components of Cisco Data Center 3.0 Architecture are : (1) Virtualization, (2) Unified fabric and (3) Unified computing
2) Virtualization can imply : Virtual Local Network (VLAN), Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN), and Virtual Device Contexts (VDC) for segmenting the LAN, SAN, and network devices.
3) 10 Gigabit Ethernet can be used to implement : Unified Fabric in the data center, employing Fiver Channel over Ethernet (FCoE and Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI).
4) Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a next-generation data center platform that allows : convergence of computing, network storage, and virtualization support
5) Some challenges when deploying servers in the data center are : power required, rack space, limits to scale, management resources, security, and virtualization into one system.

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Paul Etheridge

IST 260 Study Guide Chapter 3
CCDA 640-864
1) Ethernet is the most widely used : LAN technology
2) The most significant design rule for Ethernet is : that the round-trip propagation delay within one collision domain must not exceed 512-bit times - which is required for collision detection to work correctly
3) 10BASE2, 10BASE5, 10BASE-T, and 100BASE-T Ethernet configurations are designed to operate on : Copper media
4) 100Mbps Fast Ethernet can be deployed over : copper or optical fiber media.
5) Gigabit Ethernet can be deployed over : CAT-5 UTP or Coax or Fiber

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Paul Etheridge

IST 260 Study Guide Chapter 2
CCDA 640-864
1) A hierarchical network model : enables the design of internetworks using a specialization of function, combined with the hierarchical organization
2) The Cisco Enterprise Architecture Model provides a functional modular approach to : network design.
3) Benefits of using hierarchical models include : cost savings, ease of understanding, modular network growth, and improved fault isolation.
4) Today's fast-converging protocols were designed for : hierarchical topologies.
5) A traditional hierarchical LAN design has 3 layers: : core, distribution, and access

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Paul Etheridge

IST 260
card for the CCDA-864 official Cert Guide
1) Business forces affecting decisions for the enterprise network include : return of investment, regulation and competitiveness
2) Technology forces affecting decisions for the enterprise network include : removal of borders, virtualization, and growth of application
3) The Cisco Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize (PPDIOO) network lifecycle defines : a continuous cycle of phases in a network's life
4) IT optimization areas are divided into 3 groups: : Data Center, Network, Applications
5) Cisco has developed 3 enterprise architectures: : Borderless Network Architecture, Collaboration Architecture, and Data Center/Virtualization Architecture.

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Paul Etheridge

Java I - Review Flashcards
Review For the IT 5413 Final Exam. **There are more questions in this flashcards set than there will be on the exam. **Focus mainly on what you are not familiar with, and review what you already know to solidify it.
1) .class file : The file which contains Java bytecode that is executed on the Java Virtual Machine.
2) Array : Container object which holds a fixed number of values of a single datatype.
3) Syntax Errors : Error in the sequence of characters or tokens of a statement in Java.
4) Class Method : Methods that are defined inside of a class, and are local to that specific class.
5) Variable Declaration : Involves Declaring: 1) the Datatype, 2) variable name, 3) the variable's value.

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1) 20+36=56 : 56-36=20

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deidra mcdonald


1) IP address : Configura una direccion IP
2) Reenvia trafico IP : router

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Felix Molina


1) intitalize a disk device called "device" : vxdisksetup -i device
2) list disks owned by local and remote hosts : vxdisk –o alldgs list
3) List header of disk called "diskname" : vxdisk list diskname
4) List header of disk device "device" : vxdisk list device
5) Evacuate a disk in "diskgroup" from disk "fromdisk" to disk "todisk" : vxevac -g diskgroup from_disk to_disk

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John Buxton

3460 data mining definitions
studying key terms
1) Automated decision system (ADS) : rule-based system that provides a solution, usually in one functional area to a specific repetitive managerial problem, usually in one industry
2) work system : a system in which human participants and/or machine perform a business process using information, technologoy and other resources to produce products/services for external/internal customers.
3) cognitive limits : individual's problem-solving capability is limited when a wide range of diverse information and knowledge is required.
4) unstructured problem : none of the phases are structured. non-programmed. can be only partially supported by standard computerized quantitative methods .They often require customized solutions, benefit from data and information Intuition and judgment may play a rol
5) structured problem : all phases are structured. the procedures for obtaining the best solution are known.

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Teressa Clower

krista's flashcard
flashcards are the the best thinks ever in the world ever
1) see : sees
2) call : calls
3) your : you
4) animal : animals
5) horse : ponys

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krista lewisbrown

Last Week Feb
Flashcard is for Networking
1) abc : kjl
2) lkj : lkj
3) lkj : lj

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kristy Parham

Internet definitions
Common internet definitions
1) 404 error : Common website error message that indicates a webpage cannot be found
2) Apache : The most popular Web server software. It enables a computer to host one or more websites that can be accessed over the Internet using a Web browser.
3) captcha : A program used to verify that a human, rather than a computer, is entering data.
4) FiOS : Stands for "Fiber Optic Service." FiOS is a data communications service provided by Verizon that uses fiber optic cables to transfer data.
5) Mirror : Web or FTP server that has the same files on it as another server

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Michael Parkinson
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