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chapter 13 vocabulary
japan' golden age
1) Kana : In the Japanese writing system, a set of symbols that stand for sounds
2) Novel : Long fictional story, often with a complex plot and many chapters
3) Anthology : Book of works by different writers
4) Haiku : Form of poetry with 17 syllables in three lines
5) Sutra : Buddhist scripture

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April Evans

Regions and Cultures

1) Pacific Coastal Plain : The San Andreas Fault is in the Pacific Coastal Plain, which is ____________________.
2) Western Plateau : The Colorado Plateau is in the Western Plateau Region, which is ________________________.
3) Rocky Mountains : Mount Elbert is in the Rocky Mountains, which are ______________________________.
4) Atlantic Coastal Plain : The Appalachian Foothills are in the Atlantic Coastal Plain, which are ______________________________.
5) Appalachian Region : The Appalachian Mountains are in the Appalachian Region, which are _____________________________.

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Leslee Cruz

Joseph Stalin (Joseph Djugashvili)
Life of a Revolutionary

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Ivan Buraginsuki

Joseph Stalin (Joseph Djugashvili)
Birth/Early Life
1) Born in Gori, Georgia December 18, 1878 : By Stephanie L. McKinney accessed on: April 4, 2014
2) Born to Yekaterina (Keke); Mother Vissarion (Beso); Father Third son; Only one to live past infancy : By Stephanie L. McKinney accessed on: April 4, 2014
3) Parent had different opinions Father wanted him to be a Worker Mother wanted him to be a Russian Orthodox Priest : By Stephanie L. McKinney accessed on: April 4, 2014
4) Highly intelligent Joined Tiflis Theological Seminary in 1894(12 yrs) Leader of a street gang. : By Stephanie L. McKinney accessed on: April 4, 2014

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Ivan Buraginsuki

unit 3

1) right to assemble : intolerable acts
2) right to jury trial : sugar act
3) right to privacy : writs of assistance
4) right to free buisness : intolerable acts
5) rights of the accused : sugar act

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Anna Woods

Learning Technology Flash Cards

1) The ICT continuum is based on this taxonomy? : Bloom's
2) The ICT continuum has two main domains. What are they? : Affective, Cognitive
3) In reference to the Matrix, you can either take these color of pills? : Blue, Red
4) Lili visited this country over the summer? : Germany
5) The three R's stand for? : Respect, Responsibility, Relationship

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Darcy Hanchuk

Unit 2 study Notes

1) Transatlantic trading network along which slaves and other goods were carried between Africa, England, Europe, the West Indies and the colonies in North America : Triangular Trade
2) Global transfer of plants, animals, and dsieases that occurred during the European colonization of the Americas. : Columbian Exchange
3) Items such as peanuts, tobasso, pumkins, turkeys, and cacao beans came from : New World (Americas)
4) Items such as coffee beans, olives, grapes, horses, pigs, and cattle came from : Old World
5) Theory that a country's power depended mainly on its wealth : Mercantilism

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Kelly Kesler

Art History 2
First Test Renaissance Period title, artist, date, medium
1) The tribute money : titian 1427 fresco
2) arena chapel: north wall : giotto 1266-1337 fresco
3) merode altar piece : campin 1425-28 oil on panel
4) adam and eve : michelangelo 1477-80 fresco
5) the last supper : da' vinci 1483 oil on canvas

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alyssa aguirre

Chap 3 American History
American History
1) Why did the population of Americans dramatically increase from 1780-1830? : higher birth rates
2) How was migration of the Native Americans different from the migration of white Americans? : natives were forced to migrate and whites chose to
3) What did banks do in the early 1800s to spark economic growth? : provided capital for investments
4) What was the role of women in the Second Great Awakening? : They worked together to help others and spread christianity
5) Increasing_______ production in the Old Northwest led to the development of many new______. : farm, businesses

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Nicole Tipton

west civ

1) David : Appointed Hebrew leader by Samuel becoma king of israel; unpopular taxation and forced labor. MAde jerusalem resting place of the ark of the convenant
2) Yahweh : Hebrew God
3) Soloman : son of David created temple for ark of the coventant. brutal ruler. forced labor on israelites/

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Annie Watson

U.S history Flashcard
names and places
1) Proclamation of 1763 : -to keep colonist in check to collect taxes -it wasn't for protection from indians
2) Pontiac's Rebellion : -trying to stop English exploration -stopped by colonial troops

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samantha downey

Indus River Valley
Time4Learning Grade 6 Social Studies-Indus River Valley
1) These were people who invaded the Indus River Valley region, and may have caused the end of the Harappan civilization. : Aryans
2) Many of these have been found by archaeologists. They usually have pictures of animals on them. : seals
3) This provided water for the villages and cities of the Harappan civilization, and helped fertilize the land. : Indus River
4) This is the modern country which is located where the Harappan Civilization once was. : Pakistan
5) These are the tallest mountains in the world; they border the northern area of the Indus River Valley. : Himalayas

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Corbin Montreal
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