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Religion Flashcards

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chapter 13 vocabulary
japan' golden age
1) Kana : In the Japanese writing system, a set of symbols that stand for sounds
2) Novel : Long fictional story, often with a complex plot and many chapters
3) Anthology : Book of works by different writers
4) Haiku : Form of poetry with 17 syllables in three lines
5) Sutra : Buddhist scripture

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April Evans

Theo 1 Final

1) Ontological and Economic Trinities : The persons are relationally differentiated
2) The Trinity and Fatherhood of God : - Elizabeth Johnson challenged this in "She who is" - The names "Father" and "Son" are metaphors
3) Response to the Fatherhood of God : - God is not physically gendered - Masculine and Feminine characteristics are both used to describe God in scriptures - God is never named "Mother" names are identity statements not merely metaphors - Jesus calls God "Father" - Not a concession to sinful (masculine) culture - In scripture naming is an act of authority
4) What must be affirmed for evangelical view of Creation? : - God created out of nothing - Everything God made is entirely good - Special Creation of Humans
5) Grudem's critique of Darwinian Evolution : - Micro vs Macro evolution (assumes randomness) - Failure of "Theistic Evolution"

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Marysa Leite

Terrorism (Unit 8) Flashcard

1) coalition : a group of people who come together to make a change
2) ideological conflict : the core values or beliefs of a group which lead to conflict
3) mujahedin : rebel groups who stood up to soviet union and were the main reason why soviet union fell apart (trained on the border of pakistan)
4) soviet union : a former federation of communist republics that failed to occupy afghanistan because of the mujahedin
5) islamism : islamic ideology or belief that guides islam society as a whole and follows shari'a law

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Emmeline Hague

krista's flashcard
flashcards are the the best thinks ever in the world ever
1) see : sees
2) call : calls
3) your : you
4) animal : animals
5) horse : ponys

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krista lewisbrown

Bible Study

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David Blay


1) Darhma : ethical duty based on order in socity
2) atman : the eternail self soul
3) Brahman : the eternel essence of reality and the scorce in the uinverese
4) Mokaha : releses of self to braman
5) Brhamin : the higest class inn the caste system -preists

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Mckenzie Crowe

Bible Verses Memorization
From the Mount Zion Daily Bible Reading blog a passage is selected every week and added to these fahscards. You can see that blog at The blog can be accessed by anybody but to post comments you must be a members of Mount Zion Church and subscribe.

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Maurizio Mingardi


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Jessica Champagne

School Colours.

1) What dose the colour blue mean? : Imagination about things we can't see. We have faith about god and god's goodness. it inspires us to fly high. Blue is the colour associatted with mary-who is very speical to the Presentation Sister's.
2) What dose the colour gold mean? : It repersnets integrity and strength of character and 'winning". It is used of a symbol of god and a symbol of love-e.g. Many wedding-rings are gold.
3) Sign of the cross; : Jesus dired for our salvation.
4) Hope : we will eternal life after we die if we have lived the way Jesus taught us.
5) JACCCF mean's : Justice, Acceptance, Compassion, Cummunity, Commitment, Forgiveness.

Created on May 29, 2012 by
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aliesha kane

The Liturgical Calender & Church Tour
This quiz has questions about the Liturgical Calender & The Church Tour Worksheet.
1) What is the colour for Ordinary Time? : green
2) What is the colour for Advent & Lent? : purple
3) What is te colour for Pentecost? : red
4) What is the other colour for Christmas and Easter? Gold and... : white
5) What is the place where the priest reads the Gospel? : ambo

Created on May 23, 2012 by
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Courtney Ward

Bible Bowl Gospel of John Flashcard
Training for our Bible Bowl Gospel of John
1) Mary and Martha's brother was sick. What was the brother's name? : Lazarus
2) In ch. 11, Jesus says, "I am the_______ and the ______." Fill in the blanks. : "I am the Resurrection and the Life"
3) How long did Jesus stay put until he came to Bethany were Mary and Martha lived? : 2 days
4) How long was Lazarus dead? : 4 days
5) What is one big difference between the resurrection of Lazarus and resurrection of Jesus, (in terms of the grave clothes)? : Jesus- came to life leaving behind the folded grave clothes Lazarus- came out being bound still in grave clothes

Created on March 22, 2012 by
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Holy Eucharist Test
1) Alleluia : Praise God
2) Gospel : The stories about Jesus' life and teachings
3) Homily : An explanation of the readings and the gospel at Mass; always given by the priest or deacon
4) Profession of Faith : A prayer of faith. It says what we believe as Catholics
5) General Intercessions : Prayers at mass for: the Church, Leaders of the world, the community & all people

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Janet Gardin
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