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Terrorism (Unit 8) Flashcard

1) coalition : a group of people who come together to make a change
2) ideological conflict : the core values or beliefs of a group which lead to conflict
3) mujahedin : rebel groups who stood up to soviet union and were the main reason why soviet union fell apart (trained on the border of pakistan)
4) soviet union : a former federation of communist republics that failed to occupy afghanistan because of the mujahedin
5) islamism : islamic ideology or belief that guides islam society as a whole and follows shari'a law

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Social Studies Flashcards

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Social Studies
test cards
1) Oases : Green areas fed by underground water.
2) Sheikk : A tribes head leader.

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krista's flashcard
flashcards are the the best thinks ever in the world ever
1) see : sees
2) call : calls
3) your : you
4) animal : animals
5) horse : ponys

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humman services class

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Ch.8 lesson 2
This is for Social Studies!!!!!!
1) Crispus Attucks : African American Patritot and former slave who was Killed in the Boston Massacre in 1770.
2) John Adams : Patritot leader during the American Revolution and second president of the U.S.
3) Paul Revere : Patriot express rider and silvermith;rode from Boston to Lexington on the night of April 18,1775, warning people that British soldiers were coming.
4) Thomas Gage : British general who controlled Boston following the Boston Tea Party.
5) Boston Massacre : Event in 1770 in Boston in which British Soldiers killed five colonists who were part of an angry group that had surrounded them.

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