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Laboratory Tests Quiz

1) What is the normal range for WBC count? : 5,000-10,000 cells/ mm3
2) A patients WBC count is elevated, why? : Infection, Inflammation, stress
3) Your female patient had routine blood work following surgery, the results are as follows: RBC: 4.5cells/mm3, HgB: 14 g/dl, and Hct: 45%. This patient lab work is within normal limits. : True
4) Your patient had a routine physical with routine fasting labs and while you're giving results you report that their RBC and HgB, and Hct are slightly elevated but of no concern to their provider. The patient questions why it may be elevated? What would be the best response? : If you haven't been drinking enough water, dehydration can elevate your labs.
5) Your patients CBC results are as follows: WBC: 3,000 cells/mm3, RBC: 3.9 cells/mm3, Hgb: 11 g/dl, Hct 33%. Concerns for this patient include: : All answers apply.

Created on September 21, 2014
# of questions: 15
Flowers For Algernon

1) who is the main character, how old is he, and what is his IQ? : Charlie Gordon, 37, and 68
2) why did the author write from char lies point of view? what is unusual about this style? : to give the reader an idea about how charlie thinks and experiences things, or/and so that the reader can see his progression.
3) what is indirect characterization and what is an example? : charlie sees something in miss kinneans eye but doesn't know what it is. we know that miss kinnean is crying.
4) describe how char lies journal entries have changed over time. : charlie had begun to use better word choice, and he had more feelings toward different people.
5) what is the subplot? what is an example of a subplot in the story? : a story inside a story

Created on September 21, 2014
# of questions: 10
English, Figurative Language & Lit Terms

1) Alussion : Indirect reference to another work of literature or art
2) Metaphor : An implied comparson
3) SImile : A direct comparison using like or as
4) Personification : A figure of thought that gives human characteristics to animals, intimate objects, or ideas
5) Hyperbole : A bold understatement or exaggeration for serious, ironic, or comedic efforts

Created on September 21, 2014
# of questions: 12
Medication Taken Routinely that Affects Perioperative Care Quiz

1) This medication should be given to patients with cardiac valve disease and are undergoing a invasive procedure. : Herbs
2) This classification of medication is given within 1 hour of surgical procedure and for 24-72 hours post-op. : Anticoagulants
3) This medication may cause peripheral vasodilation. It depresses cardiac function by decreasing CO and slowing pulse rate. : Antibiotics
4) This medication classification is used routinely to prevent CV events. : Antiarryhtmics
5) The nurse is prepping to give a corticosteroids and is aware that... : All answers apply

Created on September 21, 2014
# of questions: 15
Η Τιτανομαχία

1) Στην αρχή του κόσμου υπήρχε μόνο το Χάος : False
2) Στη συνέχεια ο Ουρανός ενώθηκε με τη Γη και γέννησαν τους Γίγαντες : False
3) Στη συνέχεια ο Ουρανός ενώθηκε με τη Γη και γέννησαν τους Τιτάνες : False
4) Ο Κρόνος, ο πιο δυνατός από τους Τιτάνες, νίκησε τον Ουρανό και έγινε αυτός αρχηγός : False
5) Ο Κρόνος παντρεύτηκε τη Ρέα : False

Created on September 21, 2014
# of questions: 11
Common Respiratory Medications Quiz

1) What are common S/S for a patient who just took their Beta 2 Agonists: Short Acting? : HA, dizziness, increased HR, Insomnia, Nerves, Tremors, Anxiety
2) This classification of respiratory medications are used to dry up secretions prior to surgery. : Anticholinergics: Atrovent (ipratroprium), Spiriva (tiotroptum)
3) A medication that relaxes smooth muscles lining the airways and is used to control moderate to severe respiratory problems. : Proventil
4) Your patient has been prescribed SoluMedrol (Methylprednisolone) what statement from the patient indicates they NEED FURTHER teaching? : I should take this medication in the morning.
5) This medication is administered by a nebulizer. : Singulair (montelukast)

Created on September 20, 2014
# of questions: 15
matter Quiz

1) what is matter? : anything that has mass and takes up space.
2) what is mass? : describes the amount of matter in an object.
3) how does mass differ from weight? : mass describes the amount of matter in an object and weight a measure of the gravitational pull.
4) how are weight and mass measured? : mass is measured by a triple beam scale, and weight is measured by a device such as a scale.
5) how is the amount of space occupied by matter measured? : by volume.

Created on September 20, 2014
# of questions: 33
French verbs

1) Conjugate Aller : Je vais Tu vas Il vas Nous allons Vous allez Ils vont
2) Conjugate Faire : Je fais Tu fais Il fait Nous faisons Vous faites Ils font
3) Conjugate Avoir : J'ai Tu as Il a Nous avons Vous avez Ils ont
4) Conjugate être : Je suis Tu es Il est Nous sommes Vous êtes Ils sont

Created on September 20, 2014
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Quiz Set (25/11/35)

1) what is your country : Riyah-Saudi Arbia

Created on September 20, 2014
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Are you a cyberbully?
Often, people who are victims are also bullies. Before you feel too bad for yourself, take the quiz below to find if you, too, are part of the cyberbullying problem! Rate yourself on the following point scale according to if, and how many times, you have done the below activities. Give yourself 0 points if you’ve never done it, 1 point if you have done it 1 or 2 times, 2 points if you have done it 3-5 times, 3 points if you have done it more than 5 times.

Created on September 20, 2014
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Mulltiplying by 3 quiz
Compete the following questions below.
1) 3 x 6= : 8
2) 3 x 7= : 91
3) 9 x 3= : 27
4) Molly earned 8 dollars each day for 3 days doing chores. How much has Molly earned? :
5) Jack and Josie both got 3 chickens. how many chickens did they get? :

Created on September 19, 2014
# of questions: 8
2) EDAD : 32

Created on September 19, 2014
# of questions: 5
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