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Key for Vocabulary-Islam Ch.3

1) environment : air, water, and land in which people and animals live to create
2) create : to make something exist
3) oasis : a fertile place in the desert where a spring or well provides a water supply
4) nomadic : people who move from place to place, with no fixed home
5) sedentary : settled life

Created on October 01, 2014
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Preparation for Army Junior ROTC cadet promotion test.
1) What are the first four lines of the San Diego High School Alma Mater? : Hail, blue and white, to thee our song we raise,loud let our voices ring with loyalty and praise.Fortress of love and strength guide ever true, Hail San Diego High, our white and blue.
2) What is the correct way to report into the promotion test? : *at ease**position of attention when addressed**present arms when ready to report in* "Sir/Maam, Cadet Private Sadoudi LET 1 reporting for promotion test, Sir/Maam."*wait for responding salute to end, then order arms* *at ease*
3) Who is the president of the United States of America? : The Honorable Barack Obama
4) Who is the Battalion Commander? : Lieutenant Colonel Hoover
5) Who is the Secretary of Defense? : Honorable Barack Obama

Created on September 30, 2014
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Unit two test

1) What are the products of the light reaction that are subsequently used by the calvin cycle? : oxygen and carbon dioxide
2) Which of the following statements BEST describes the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration? : Photosynthesis stores energy in complex organic molecules, while respiration releases it.
3) When oxygen is released as a result of photosynthesis, it is a by-product of which of the following? : Reducing NADP+
4) Which of the following produces three-carbon sugars? : the calvin cycle alone
5) Which of the following requires CO2 in photosynthesis? : light reactions alone

Created on September 30, 2014
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Top 200 drugs 121-130

1) Cardizem® : Diltiazem Calcium Channel Blocker
2) Depakote® : Divalproex Anti-Convulsant
3) Furadantin® : Nitrofurantoin Anti-Microbial
4) Remeron® : Mirtazapine Anti-Depressant
5) Xalatan® : Latanoprost (Opthalmic) Prostaglandin

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 10
top 200 drugs 111-120

1) Cleocin® : Clindamycin Anti-Microbial
2) Flagyl® : Metronidazole Anti-Microbial
3) Ortho Tri-Cyclen® : Ethinyl Estradiol+Norgestimate Birth Control
4) Cialis® : Tadalafil Erectile Dysfunction
5) Adipex® : Phentermine Appetite Suppressant(DEA Sch 4)

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 10
Top 200 drugs 101-110

1) Spiriva® : Tiotropium Anti-cholinergic
2) Lotensin® : Benazepril ACE Inhibitor
3) Lamictal® : Lamotrigine Anti-convulsant
4) Benicar HCT® : Olmesartan+ HCTZ A2RB + Diuretic
5) Aricept® : Donepezil Cholinesterase Inhibitor

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 10
Pharmacy Law and Regulations (Study guide section 2.0)

1) PURE FOOD AND DRUG ACT OF 1906 : * Prevented manufacture, sale, transportation and trafficking of impure, misbranded, poisonous, or harmful: *Drugs *Foods *Liquors *Medicines
2) HARRISON NARCOTICS TAX ACT OF 1914 : * Intended to control commerce of opiates and cocaine * drug manufacturers, sellers, distributors, importers, compounders, and dispensers must register with the IRS
3) SULFANILAMIDE TRAGEDY OF 1937 : * More than 100 patients died before FDA removed it from the market *Not tested for toxcicity
4) FOOD, DRUG, AND COSMETIC ACT OF 1938 : * Required drugs to be labeled with adequate directions to ensure safe use * Controlled cosmetic products and medical devices * All drugs must have FDA approval before marketing.
5) DURHAM-HUMPHREY AMENDMENT OF 1951 : * drugs intended for use by humans not safe to use without medical supervision be dispensed only by prescription * Required Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription” labeling

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 31
Information System Usage and Application (study guide section 9.0)

1) NCPD E prescribing system : * NCPDP Formulary and Benefit Standard online prescribing computer * Newest version 10.6
2) Electronic healthcare records : * Electronic records of patient health information (PHI)
3) Information on an electronic healthcare record : * Patient demographics * Progress notes * Problems * Medications * Vital Signs * Medical history * Immunizations * Lab data * advance directives
4) Electronic Personal Health Record (ePHR) : * Controlled by the patient, but generated by healthcare workers. * The patient can present this information when the patient needs care
5) Computerized Physician Order Entry : * physician can place medication or lab orders through the patient profile. * order is then sent to the appropriate department. *

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 12
Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement (study guide section 8.0)
Managed care organizations, Pharmacy benefit managers, health savings accounts, medication assistance programs and coupons, medicare medicaid, types of formulates, Daw Codes, plan limitations, Rejection codes, and healthcare reimbursement systems.
1) Managed Care Organizations : * Insures and provides health care services.
2) Pharmacy Benefit Managers : * provides pharmacy services under a health care plan.
3) HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) : * In network providers only * PCP required to direct medical care for a patient * Low premiums, small co-pays, no deductible
4) PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) : * In network and out of network providers * Patient responsibility is either a co-pay or a percentage of the medical bill * Co-pays, deductibles, and average cost of premiums
5) POS (Point of Service Plans) : * PCP direct medical care * Member may see out of network providers at a higher cost * Referrals required for specialists * Higher co-pays and higher premiums

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 41
Pharmacy Inventory Managment (study guide section 7.0)
Purpose, Inventory Tools, Types of Inventory, NDC, Lot Number And Expiration dates, Beyond use dates. Ordering and receiving process, Drug Recall, Pharmacy Waste, storage requirements and removal.
1) Inventory Managment : * obtaining, drug storage * inventory control * repackaging and labeling concerns * distribution systems * recalled and disposal of used and unused pharmaceutical products
2) Purpose of Inventory Management : * Provides stock of medication and supplies * Reduces out of stock products * Reduces Cost (selecting products based on Institutional formulary)
3) Just in time ordering (Inventory Tools) : * ordering products before the are used. * prevents out-of-stock and overstocking of products.
4) PAR (periodic automatic replacement) (Inventory Tools) : * establishes a minimum quantity of a drug on hand before reordering.
5) Initial Inventory (types of inventory) : * accurate inventory of all medications before a pharmacy opens.

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 12
New Mock Test Missed Question Review
Updated mock test missed questions
1) How often should a Fentanyl patch be replaced? : Every 72 hours transdermal patch
2) The generic name for Micronase is? : Glyburide
3) Treximet is a combination drug used in the treatment of migraines. Treximet is a combination of sumatriptan and? : Naproxen
4) Celebrex is to NSAID's, as Depakote is to? : Anticonvulsants
5) Which of the following drugs does not require blood work from a patient? : Sulfasalazine it is used for the treatment of ulcers.

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 44
Top 100 drugs 40-50

1) Omnicef® : Cefdinir Anti-biotic (Cephalosporin)
2) Altace® : Ramipril ACE Inhibitor
3) Nasacort® : Triamcinolone Inhaled Steroid
4) Ventolin® : Albuterol Bronchodilator
5) Cozaar® : Losartan A2RB

Created on September 30, 2014
# of questions: 10
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