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AUDI90030 Lectures 3 and 4: An introduction to acquired adult language disorders

1) Which of the following is NOT classed as a cognitive-communication disorder? : Traumatic brain injury
2) Which of the following is NOT a typical characteristic of right-hemisphere syndrome? : Comprehension and expression appear functional
3) Which of the following is NOT a typical characteristic of traumatic brain injury (TBI)? : Problems initiating communication
4) Which of the following best describes the characteristics of the MIDDLE stages of dementia? : Semantic language is most affected; speech is fluent and grammatical but vague with some word-finding problems
5) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of aphasia? : It involves an acquired impairment of language modalities and functions

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Chad Lazaro

AUDI90028 Lecture 2: The neurology of swallowing

1) The trigeminal nerve mediates touch, pain and temperature from the face and oral cavity. The majority of fibres from these areas enter the brainstem and synpase with the trigeminal nucleus located in: : The midbrain
2) What do mechanoreceptors detect? : Pain
3) The glossopharyngeal nerve innervates which areas of the oral cavity? : Posterior tongue, soft palate and upper pharyngeal region
4) The glossopharyngeal nerve fibres are more responsive to which tastes? : Sweet and salty
5) The facial nerve mediates taste from the _____ two-thirds of the tongue and are more responsive to _____ tastes. : Posterior; sweet and salty

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Chad Lazaro

AUDI90028 Lecture 1: Normal Swallowing

1) Which of the following represents the correct order of the movements involved in swallowing? : Pharyngeal, Oral, Oesophageal
2) Which two stages of swallowing involves voluntary control? : Oral and pharyngeal
3) What two characteristics describes the pharyngeal phase of swallowing? : Some voluntary control with minimal sensation
4) Which of the following is NOT a reflex exhibited during swallowing? : Gag
5) In regards to the facial structures involved when swallowing, which of the following is FALSE : Lips tense and close

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Chad Lazaro

mrg acct
1) Products should be processed further when : incremental revenue from the additional processing is GREATER than the additional COSTS of additional processing
2) Drop a product line when : the total net income of a business will INCREASE if the product line is eliminated. Usually the product line should be kept if the contribution margin is greater than avoidable costs (cost savings)
3) Common Costs are : costs that are not directly traceable to a product line or department. Instead, these costs are allocated to individual product lines or departments. If one product line/department is dropped, the common costs are allocated to the remaining product lines or departments
4) Opportunity Costs are : benefits that are lost when one alternative is chosen over another alternative
5) Sunk costs are : not relevant in decision-making process.

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AUDI90030 Lectures 1 and 2: Language disorders - Causal pathways and explanations

1) Which of the following is not a component of language 'form'? : Syntax
2) 'Convergent thinking' falls under which component of cognition? : Problem solving and abstract reasoning
3) Which of the following is NOT an example of a secondary language disorder? : Hearing impairment
4) Which of the following is NOT an example of a condition with co-morbid acquired language disorder? : Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
5) Specific language impairment falls under which umbrella term for a developmental language disorder? : Primary language disorder

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Chad Lazaro


1) Je veux bien : I'd like to
2) Tu ne voudrais pas aller a...? : Wouldn't you like to go to...?
3) C'est rapide : Its fast
4) C'est sympa : Its good
5) C'est cher : Its expensive

Created on July 26, 2015 by
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tori workman

How Well Do You Know THe Patriots In 2014-2015?
Do you think you know everything there is to know about the best football team in the world? If your answer is yes then let's really test your mind with some good old fashioned quiz.
1) What college did Julian Edelman go to and what position did he play? : He played at Kent State University and played quarterback
2) In what game did Vince Wilfork intercept the ball in the end zone to win the game in the 2014 season? : Patriots vs. Raiders
3) What team did we go against in week 4 and were we home or away? : Kansas City Chiefs, away
4) Was Tom Brady number 12 in college? : Yes
5) Does anyone else besides Tom Brady have a Super Bowl Ring with the Patriots, if so, who? : Vince Wilfork has one Super Bowl ring with the patriots

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jhgfd jhgfv

Evaluating Scholarly Information Using the CRAAP Test
Assess what you have learned after watching the video for evaluating scholarly resources using the CRAAP Test.
1) When you are examining the currency, you are looking at the: : the correctness of the information
2) The relevance of the information is considering: : the reliability of the information
3) When examining the relevance, it is important to identify who the intended audience of the resource is. : True
4) What are some of the aspects to consider when looking at the authority of a resource? Select the ones that would apply. : the author's credentials
5) What should you be looking for to identify an article as an accurate and reliable resource? Select the answers that apply. : who the audience is

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Kiera Mudry

Movement Types of Synovial Joints
7 main movements
1) What movement permits the least amount of movement (intercarpal joints) : Plane (gliding)
2) Articular surfaces molded together so they permit flexion & extension only : Ginglymus (hinge)
3) Bony pivot like process surrounded by ring of ligaments and or bone allows rotation movement around a single axis : Trochoid (pivot)
4) Allows movement in four directions (wrist joint) : Ellipsoidal (condyloid)
5) 2 opposite saddle shaped end of bones fit into eachother movements are the same as ellipsoidal jt (ankle) : Sellar (saddle)

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cathy moore

Medical Terminology

1) what is the removal of injured or necrotic tissue : Autograft
2) Dermatology is the Study of the : Feet
3) The coverage of the body is also know as the : Dermatology
4) Forecast of the Probable future course and outcome of a disease : Epidermis
5) Top layer of the Skin : Subcutaneous

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Belinda Todd

Examen I. Historia de la Educación México II Quiz
Licenciatura Ciencias de la Educación.
1) ¿Qué plan y quién es el principal autor, en dónde se desconoce las elecciones y daban por ganador a Porfirio Díaz? : Plan de Agua Prieta
2) Venustiano Carranza promueve el Partido Anti rreeleccionista e inició el movimiento armado ese día, pugna por el "Sufragio Efectivo no reelección". : False
3) Éste personaje desconoce a Madero, sus ideales regresar correspondían en regresar la tierra a los campesinos : Porfirio Díaz
4) Ley que consiste en la repartición, distribución y restitución de la tierra : Ley SEMARNAP
5) En el año de 1925 se crea la Secretaría de Educación Pública por José Vasconcelos : True

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Sol Téllez

Quiz on QMS & ISMS Awareness Training

1) Which process below is to identify risks associated with the loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability for information? : Risk evaluation
2) What is ISO 9001:2008? : An Environmental Management System

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