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Empires-hebrew and islam

1) slender tower of a mosque : Minaret
2) religious trip to a holy land : Hajj
3) beautiful writing used by arabs in a mosque : calligraphy
4) architectural design found in a mosque : arch
5) caliph that follows as a leader upon the death of the prophet(Islam : Abu Bakr

Created on October 22, 2014
# of questions: 20
Human Communications Informative Speech
self - explanatory
1) What are the purposes of Informative Speech? : 1. Providing new feelings2. Setting the agenda -setting up awareness3. distract 4. Persuasion 5. Create negative or Positive feelings -committing people to one thing or gearing them away from one thing6. Inducing Action
2) Are the strategies of informative speech 1. Defining - clarifying a term; introducing a new and unexpected way of using a term to view a subject differently 2. Reporting - answering what happened 3. Describing - using imagery to get the audience to have a deeper understanding of the situation you're explaining (ramps up + or - feelings)4. Explaining - clarifying the term only if it's confusing (going really in depth with. talking about how or why or the process of which something happened)5. Demonstrating - explaining a complex process by doing a series of simple steps to help the audience understand 6. Comparing - clarify the the difference and or similarities of the subjects being talked about : True

Created on October 22, 2014
# of questions: 2
Human Communication Rhetoric Quiz
1) What's Rhetoric? the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing : True
2) Why is Rhetoric an art? : The speaker's solutions are passed off as an extension of your own natural thoughts

Created on October 22, 2014
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Created on October 22, 2014
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Verizon Quiz
1) How many letters are in the word Verizon? : 6
2) What is Mitch's last name? : Certo
3) Verizon is not an international company. : False

Created on October 22, 2014
# of questions: 3
Verizon Test
1) How do you spell Verizon? : Verizon
2) How many letters are in the word Verizon? : 7

Created on October 22, 2014
# of questions: 2
kuis evaluasi akuntansi untuk SMK multiple choice Quiz
kuis ini merupakan kuis pilihan ganda untuk menguji tingkat pemahamanmu terhadap materi Akuntansi yang telah dipelajari! stay focus!
1) Yang dimaksud beban perusahaan adalah… : Setiap pengorbanan yang dikeluarkan untuk memperoleh pendapatan
2) Perhatikan akun-akun di bawah ini !1. Sewa yang masih harus dibayar2. Utang gaji3. Bunga yang masih harus diterima4. Asuransi dibayar dimuka5. Wesel bayar6. Wesel tagihYang termasuk akun harta lancar adalah…. : 2,4,6

Created on October 22, 2014
# of questions: 2
Kuis Evaluasi Matapelajaran Akuntansi SMK Quiz
kuis ini tersedia untuk menguji kemampuan siswa SMK kelas X di Indonesia. kuis ini merupakan kuis true-false,klik jawaban yang menurutmu paling benar. Good luck! :)
1) 1. Pasangan dari aktiva yaitu pasiva : True
2) Profesi akuntansi yang bertugas memberikan jasa akuntansi kepada masyarakat dan bekerja secara independen ialah . . . : a. Akuntan publik

Created on October 22, 2014
# of questions: 2
Theology 1 Midterm
Lister Midterm
1) Theological Disciplines : Biblical Studies-The details like Bib Interp Biblical Theology- The storyline like OT or NTSystematic SystematicTheology- Whole Bible theology Church History- We study because we're not the first to do theology Ethics- How we should live by the Bible Apologetics- Defense of Faith
2) Hierarchy of Doctrine Magnitude : 1) Deity and Faith (Salvation) 2) Denominational Background (Communion Baptism) 3) Personal (Age of earth end times)
3) Professors Argument for the Class : a. Inspiration-all scripture is God breathed b. Inerrancy- Bible is perf c. Necessity- We need the Bible in our lives d. Perspicuity- The Bible is clear over all e. Sufficiency- The Bible is sufficient f. Authority- It has authority over our lives
4) Our need to know God : - God is unfathomable we CAN"T know all of him - But we should still try - God is holy and transcendent we are sinful - He has chosen to keep things a secret (Deut 29:29)
5) Isaiah 11 and John 17 : The cosmic goal of history: What was lost in the fall will be regained

Created on October 22, 2014
# of questions: 30
Tap terms

1) How many sounds in a shuffle? : 2
2) Brush step is called a ? : Flap

Created on October 21, 2014
# of questions: 2
Daily Academic Vocob Quiz
this test is ment to propare you for the REAL one TOMMOROW !!! Good luck Ofiri
1) exaggeration : what is it : Possable answer: stretch the truth
2) minimal: Meaning A) most B) Same C) least D) None of the obove : C) Least
3) minimum: use it in a sentence : any posable answer
4) miniimize: definition : make smaller

Created on October 21, 2014
# of questions: 4
Test for Mrs.Rhyners class
1) Subdued : colorful
2) Menacing : intimidating / causing problems
3) Vivid : easy to do or handle
4) Shifty : sneaky
5) Adamant : depress

Created on October 21, 2014
# of questions: 10
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