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Nicks test
We can make our own test wow o-o
1) is Mr.Carlson the best teacher : Yes
2) Are you having fun in this class : Yes
3) Should Tomarrow we answer this test : Yes

Created on September 02, 2015 by
3 question(s)
Nick Davies


1) is the sky blue : no
2) what is 9 plus 10 : 21

Created on September 02, 2015 by
2 question(s)
Luum Guzman

AUDI90028 Lectures 21 and 22: Management of voice disorders

1) Which of the following does normal voice NOT rely on? : Subglottic control
2) What is a common aim of voice disorder therapy? : Increase supraglottic resonance
3) With regard to voice conservation post-therapy, how many days minimum is recommended for no voice use? : 3-5 days
4) 'Work smarter, not harder' is an ethos which aims to promote what? : Reduction of vocal misuse and abuse
5) Vocal disuse after how many days results in loss of muscle strength and fitness? : 3 days

Created on September 02, 2015 by
7 question(s)
Chad Lazaro

راجع معنا
يهدف هذا المحور لمراجعة معلوماتك عن الجلسات السابقة
1) أراد باحث إجراء بحثا بعنوان: "تطور التعليم الجامعي في المملكة العربية السعودية من عام 1425الى عام 1434 ". إن المنهج الذي يجب استخدامه في هذا البحث هو المنهج : : المقارن
2) إحدى حدود البحث، الحدود الإمبريقية. : True
3) تتحدد مشكلة البحث على شكل : : تساؤلات يجيب عنها الباحث فى أهداف البحث.
4) عند إجراء بحث علمي بعنوان: "أثر التدريب على الاسترخاء العضلى في خفض قلق الاختبار لدى طلاب السنة التحضيرية." إن المنهج الذى يجب استخدامه فى هذا البحث والمنهج : التاريخي

Created on September 02, 2015 by
4 question(s)
ahmed nasr

Keyboard and Mouse Parts & History Quiz

1) In 1868 patented the keyboard/typewriter : Christopher Shores
2) The mouse was created in: : 1970
3) The name of the Xerox research center was PARC : True
4) How many times per second does an Optical Mouse take a picture with the internal camera? : 25
5) What is the rubber squishy surface that pushes down when the keyboard keys are depressed on our take apart keyboards? : Membrane

Created on September 02, 2015 by
8 question(s)
Ben Carlson

1) Negara Tirai Besi : Uni Soviet
2) Nama Intelijen Amerika Serikat adalah KGB : True
3) Organisasi yang dibentuk Amerika dan Blok Barat dalam membendung bahaya Komunis di Asia Tenggara : KGB

Created on September 02, 2015 by
3 question(s)
mashudi smamuga

What fruit are you?
do this quiz and find out what fruit are you? are you as bananas as your dog or sweet as a strawberry? find out here!
1) What is something you have always wanted to learn? : How to surf
2) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? : The beach
3) My favorite color is... : black or white and pink
4) If I could do anything right now it would be... : Travel the world!
5) My FAV animal is.. : DOGS R MY LIFE

Created on September 01, 2015 by
10 question(s)
shannon warner


1) What is Government? : Government makes and enforces public policies.

Created on September 01, 2015 by
1 question(s)
brook Saaf

AUDI90030 Lectures 23 and 24: Prevention of language difficulties

1) The overall results and outcomes of the 'Sure Start' program highlight that: : Community based interventions are important but not at the expense of targeted interventions
2) The 'Let's Read' program resulted in: : No significant improvements in emergent literacy, language or home-based literacy at 4 years of age
3) Increased complexity of sentence structure results in: : Decreased speech fluency
4) Which of the following describes a main difference between oral language (O) and literal language (L)? : O = share infoL = build abstract ideas
5) Which of the following is NOT a comprehension strategy? : Focused bombardment

Created on September 01, 2015 by
9 question(s)
Chad Lazaro

history of photography Quiz

1) what is the name of the first camera ever? A. B.brownie C. D. : B.brownie
2) what was the first way to share photos? A. postcards B. C. D. : A. B. C. D.
3) what was the first type of photo printing? A. B. C. D.half tone printing : A. B. C. D.
4) what was the first magazine to publish photos? A. B.national geographic magazine C. D. : A. B. C. D.
5) who was the man who who dressed indians up to photograph his depiction of indians? A. B. C.edward curtis D. : A. B. C. D.

Created on August 31, 2015 by
6 question(s)
Haylee Milwrick

AUDI90030 Lectures 21 and 22: Auditory comprehension and word production disorders

1) Fill in the model of auditory comprehension:1. Hear word2. Auditory phonological analysis3. ________________________4. Semantic system : Phonological input lexcon
2) A deficit in auditory phonological analysis results in what? : Word sound deafness
3) For someone with a word sound deafness, which of the following words would they have more trouble understanding? : Dog
4) A person suffering from word form deafness will have a deficit in the _________________. : Phonological input lexicon
5) Tania has been diagnosed with word meaning deafness. If given an auditory and written task, we would expect her to have an impairment in: : Both auditory and written components

Created on August 31, 2015 by
14 question(s)
Chad Lazaro

AUDI90028 Lectures 19 and 20: Dysphagia after stroke

1) Which arterial branch supplies the lateral surfaces of the brain, including the areas required for language? : Vertebral arteries
2) What is the most common type of stroke? : Ischaemic
3) Mrs. Smith suffered a bleed in her brain due to a ruptured blood vessel. This is known as what type of stroke? : Haemorrhagic
4) Which of the following is FALSE? : Incidence of dysphagia after acute stroke is 25-81%
5) Individuals with post-stroke dysphagia have an increased risk of what? : Aspiration pnemonia

Created on August 31, 2015 by
10 question(s)
Chad Lazaro
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