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Computer-Sciences Quizzes

Anatomy of a Typeface Quiz

1) Different shapes for the same letter. : Alternates.
2) The partially enclosed space in letters such as "n", "C", "S", "e". : Aperture.
3) THe part of a lowercase letter that extends above the x-height. : Ascender.
4) The imaginary line drawn from top to bottom. : Axis.
5) The imaginary line upon which the letters in a font appear to rest on. : Baseline.

Created on January 22, 2013 by
30 question(s)
Jack Minton

pilihan Ganda

1) Istilah Hardware disebut juga dengan ..... : Perangkat keras

Created on November 18, 2012 by
1 question(s)
ended akil

Once machines were invented, starting with the steam engine, according to Ellul, the very concept of technique changed.

Created on October 18, 2012 by
0 question(s)
aman hayer

Third Chapter
True False
1) Mouse is an input device. : True
2) There are three mouse events. : True
3) Hard disk is a storage device : True
4) There are three types of printers. : True
5) Laser printer is an impact printer. : True

Created on October 11, 2012 by
5 question(s)
Amjad Ali

Big Java Test 1
Chapter 1-3 Test
1) Which Statement best describes a computer program? : A program is a sequence of instructions and decisions that the computer carries out
2) Every Java program consists of one or more of these fundamental building blocks. : class
3) In Java, every statement must end with this symbol. : ;
4) What translates high-level descriptions into machine code? : compiler
5) What is the name of the file that contains the Java source code for the class BankAccount? : BankAccount.Java

Created on September 20, 2012 by
84 question(s)
Samantha DeLoye

Community 1 Basics
Things all Community1 people know.
1) Why is Community1 Special in terms of Business for eCW ? : Government Accounts and Oldest client base

Created on August 17, 2012 by
1 question(s)
eCw Guy

Internet definitions
Common internet definitions
1) 404 error : Common website error message that indicates a webpage cannot be found
2) Apache : The most popular Web server software. It enables a computer to host one or more websites that can be accessed over the Internet using a Web browser.
3) captcha : A program used to verify that a human, rather than a computer, is entering data.
4) FiOS : Stands for "Fiber Optic Service." FiOS is a data communications service provided by Verizon that uses fiber optic cables to transfer data.
5) Mirror : Web or FTP server that has the same files on it as another server

Created on November 16, 2011 by
10 question(s)
Michael Parkinson

Computer Software Lesson

1) Graphical user interfaces : An operating system with graphical symbols representing files, programs, and documents.
2) Network operating system : An operating system that runs on a network server.
3) Operating systems : Systems software that provides an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware
4) Network operating system : An operating system that runs on a network server.
5) Algorithm : A set of clearly defined, logical steps that solve a problem.

Created on November 14, 2011 by
11 question(s)

Advanced CIS
Application Software
1) Desktop : An on-screen work area that has a graphical user interface
2) Desktop Publishing (DTP) software : Enables professional designers to create sophisticated documents that contain text, graphics, and colors
3) Document Management Software : Provides a means for sharing, distributing, and searching through documents by converting them into a format that can be viewed by any user
4) Entertainment Software : Includes interactive games, video, and other programs
5) Note Taking Software : Enables users to enter typed text, handwritten comments, drawings, and sketches

Created on November 14, 2011 by
16 question(s)

Software and Hardware

1) Storage : the process of storing information in a computer memory or on a magnetic tape or disk
2) Information : Data that has been converted into a meaningful and useful context for the receiver
3) RAM : Random Access Memory; temporary memory. RAM is expandable, and resides on the motherboard.
4) ROM : (Read only memory) a chip on the motherboard that is prerecorded with and permanently stores the set of instructions that the computer uses when you turn in on; permanent
5) Hardware : The tangible, physical computer equipment that can be seen and touched.

Created on November 14, 2011 by
29 question(s)
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