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Tecnología de la Información

Created on May 13, 2015 by
1 question(s)


1) Chromosome : DNA strand made up of thousands of genes
2) Gene : Smallest unit of inheritance
3) one gene is responsible for the manufacture of? : One protein,which creates the expression of a gene
4) Meiosis : Process that forms eggs and sperm only
5) Each egg or sperm has half the number of? : Chromosomes (haploid) as the parent cell (diploid)

Created on May 08, 2015 by
89 question(s)
Katy DeLuca

Unit C2 - Dog & Cat Diseases and Internal & External Parasites Quiz
This quiz is on the following: Infectious Dog Diseases, Noninfectious dog diseases, Dog Internal Parasites, Infectious Cat Diseases, Noninfectious Cat Diseases, Cat Internal Parasites Information came from Animal Science II - Small Animals Agricultural Education High School Course.
1) Salmonellosis is an infectious bacterial disease often spread when dogs: : Are groomed with unclean combs and brushes
2) Feline urological syndrome is a noninfectious disease that may result in: : Cornea inflammation
3) Cataracts are non infectious dog disease that: : Affects the sight and may cause blindness
4) The viral disease that affects a dog's central nervous system is: : Botulism
5) Feline enteric coronavirus is a disease in kittens that is caused by: : Breathing contaminated air

Created on April 29, 2015 by
19 question(s)
Sara Routh

AP English Exam Study Guide Quiz

1) A _____ is a brief story or tale told by a character in a piece of literature. : Allusion
2) ___ is where the author places a person, concept, place, idea or theme parallel to another. : Parallelism
3) A crown in place of a royal person is an example of ____ : Metonymy
4) “The run down house appeared depressed.” is an example of what? : Allusion
5) Parallelism uses words or phrases with a similar structure : True

Created on April 22, 2015 by
25 question(s)
Azeen Bemani

Bab Shalat Berjamaah
Indahnya Kebersamaan dengan Berjamaah
1) Shalat yang dilakukan secara bersama-sama, ada imam dan makmum disebut shalat .... : A. Berjamaah

Created on April 20, 2015 by
1 question(s)
Nurul Muhson

Pilihla salah satu
1) Yang bukan termasuk alat TIK .... : HP
2) yang termasuk alat input : printer

Created on April 14, 2015 by
2 question(s)
O. Dodi Sukmanaga

Islamic Studies
ini adalah latiha soal buat siswa SMP kelas 8 dan 9
1) Jelaskan arti islam? : A. kata Islam berasal dari bahasa arab yang artinya selamat, aman, dan damai
2) Jelaskan arti malaikat? : A. Malaikat makhluk ciptaan Allah

Created on March 22, 2015 by
2 question(s)
Aagun Gunawan

Soal Kejuruan Teknik Listrik Pembangkitan
Jawablah soal berikut ini dengan tepat
1) Berikut ini adalah urutan pengoperasian generator set yang benar, adalah .... : Tahapan pembebanan dan penghentian
2) Dibawah ini, komponen yang sangat penting dari sistem SCADA adalah .... : Relay
3) Turbine Francis termasuk jenis turbine yang digunakan pada pembangkit listrik tenaga .... : Air
4) Konstruksi PMT yang menggunakan bahan SF6 adalah PMT dengan jenis media peredaman .... : Oil
5) Generator dengan f = 60 Hz, dan mempunyai jumlah kutub 4, besarnya putaran pada generator tersebut adalah .... RPM : 3600

Created on March 11, 2015 by
10 question(s)
Azzamuddin Achmad

Pasado Simple Quiz
Escoja,ordene y escriba las formas correctas del presente simple
1) Escoja la oracion correcta : ben play basketball every day

Created on March 01, 2015 by
1 question(s)

Fitness Related Activities/Exercises
Match the activity/exercise to the fitness component.
1) Basketball : Cardio
2) Lifting Weights : Strength
3) Nutrition : Body Composition
4) Toe Touches : Flexibility
5) Swimming : Cardio

Created on February 21, 2015 by
10 question(s)
Ian Rice

Fitness Components
Test your knowledge by defining the 5 fitness components.
1) Define Cardiovascular Endurance. : Ability to use lungs and heart to quickly supply oxygen.
2) Define Endurance. : Ability to move joints in a full/normal range of motion.
3) Define Strength. : Ability to use muscles to failure.
4) Define Flexibility. : Ability to determine percentage of body fat compared to lean body tissue based off of age, height, nutrition, and activity levels.
5) Define Body Composition. : Ability to use muscles to failure.

Created on February 21, 2015 by
5 question(s)
Ian Rice

1) Who is PM of India : Narendra modi
2) dks;dkf; : sldfls

Created on February 10, 2015 by
2 question(s)
Ratandeep Singh
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