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Brand Generic Final mod2
1) Lomotil : Dipheoxylate/atropine Antidiarrheal
2) Dalmane : Flurazepam/Benzodiazepine
3) Compazine : prochlorperazine/antiemetic
4) Neurontin : Gabapentin/Anticonvulsant
5) Strattera : atomoxetine/Add Agent

Created on February 09, 2012 by
24 question(s)
Sabrina Hadley

Guidon and Dining Procedures Quiz
For guidon and dining procedures
1) Cadets will sit at attention for all meals. : False
2) How many positions are at each table? : 6
3) Who commands the cadets to be seated at meals? : position 4
4) Each flight of ___ or more cadets will carry their guidon from start to end of academic day. : 6
5) The Guidon Bearer will carry the guidon in their ____ hand. : right

Created on February 07, 2012 by
14 question(s)
Ellynn Decker

Enlisted Ranks

Created on January 04, 2012 by
0 question(s)
Wilnise Paul

NFL Teams Logo Quiz
Quiz on NFL Teams Logo
1) : Minnesota Vikings
: New Orleans Saints
: Dallas Cowboys
4) : Philadelphia Eagles
: Kansas City Chiefs

Created on November 13, 2011 by
11 question(s)
Wilson Paul

U may have know the faces in the flashcards, but do you know the real name of these characters??
1) What is Beast's real name?
: Dr. Henry Philip Hank McCoy
2) What is Wolverines real name?
: Raven Darkholme
3) What is Rogues real name?
: Katherine (Kitty) Pryde
4) What is Marvel girl's real name?
: Yuriko Oyama
5) What is Gambit's real name?
: Remy LeBeau

Created on November 09, 2011 by
15 question(s)
Donna Ban

Earthquakes, Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes

1) normal fault : break in rock due to tension forces, where rock above the fault surface moves downward in relation to rock below the fault surface
2) primary waves : waves that travel outward from an Earthquake's focus and cause particles in rocks to move back and forth in the same direction the wave is moving
3) focus : in an earthquake, the point beneath Earth's surface where energy release occurs
4) crust : Earth's outermost layer, which varies in thickness from about 5km to 60km and is separated from the mantle by the Moho Discontinuity
5) athenosphere : plastic-like layer below the lithosphere

Created on November 07, 2011 by
12 question(s)


1) Phosphorous Cycle : the movement of phosphorus from the nonliving environment into living things and then back into the nonliving environment
2) Abiotic : any nonliving component of an environment, a nonliving factor or element
3) Nitrogen Cycle : the circulation of nitrogen
4) Evaporation : the process by which liquid changes to an atmospheric gas
5) Carbon Fixation : the incorporation of carbon dioxide into organic compounds

Created on November 07, 2011 by
9 question(s)

Climate Types On Earth
Types of Climates on Earth
1) Tropical Rainforest : Low-latitude zone; thick rain forest; canopy
2) Tropical Savanna : Low-latitude zone; two seasons - wet and dry
3) Marine West Coast : Mid-latitude zone; winters - rainy and mild; summers - cool; deciduous and coniferous vegetation
4) Mediterranean : Mid-latitude zone; winters - rainy and mild; summers - hot and dry; shrubs and short trees
5) Humid Continental : Mid-latitude zone; winters - long, cold, and snowy; summers - short and hot; deciduous tree and grasslands

Created on November 02, 2011 by
12 question(s)

Types of Rocks and Fossils

1) minerals : naturally occurring substances that are neither plants nor animals which have its own definite chemical composition
2) igneous rocks : rocks formed from hot, molten rock material that has cooled and hardened
3) sedimentary rocks : rocks formed from bits of rocks pressed or cemented together
4) relative age : describing the age of something compared with the age of another thing
5) metamorphic rocks : rocks that have been changed by heat, pressure, or both

Created on November 02, 2011 by
15 question(s)

Halloween Quiz
Test your Halloween knowledge
1) Who first celebrated what we've come to know as Halloween?

: The Druids
2) The tradition of dressing up started because : We try to scare away evil spirits
3) The celebration of Samhain is to honor : The King of the dead
4) The Romans called Halloween Pomona Day. Who or what was Pomona?

: The town where the Romans first celebrated Pomona Day
5) Halloween falls on the night before : All Saint's Day

Created on October 31, 2011 by
5 question(s)
Michael Parkinson

Entomology- Insect Orders Quiz
A brief review of the various insect orders and the insects that belong to them. Information referenced from Field Guide to Texas Insects by Bastiaan Drees and John Jackman (1999).
1) Beetles fall under the order Coleoptera and are among the largest order by number of species. : False
2) Insects from the order of diptera are usually wingless and are known for their knob-like structures called halteres. : False
3) Moths and butterflies belong in the order of lepidoptera. : False
4) Hemiptera are found on plants and animals, or in water. : True

The abdomen of the female hymenoptera ends in an ovipositor (a tubular organ through which a female insect or fish deposits eggs) which may be modified into a stinger.

: True

Created on October 30, 2011 by
10 question(s)
Donna Ban

know or dont know
its about how u discibe yo life

Created on July 23, 2011 by
0 question(s)
destiny ivey
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