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1) s1 : c3
2) s2 : c3

Created on October 03, 2013 by
2 question(s)
Ejder Arslan

money hunger

1) What does "Heifer" mean on pg. 35 when Ja'nae's grandmother calls Ja'nae's mother a Heifer? : donkey

Created on October 01, 2013 by
1 question(s)
james johnson

Money Hunger

1) What does "grown" mean on pg.9 when Raspberry says she is grown. : child
2) What does "raggedy" mean on pg. 20 when Raspberry stepped over Sato's raggedy book bag? : clean

Created on September 30, 2013 by
2 question(s)
james johnson

Quiz about WWF

1) What is the Mission of WWF? : Combating injustice
2) How does WWF get their funding? : All the above
3) In how many countries does WWF have offices? : Over 40
4) How many supporters does WWF have worldwide? : 9 million
5) What is the average annual budget of WWF? : 600€ million

Created on September 26, 2013 by
10 question(s)
Ruben Bernardo

Greenpeace Quiz
A simple quiz about Greenpeace
1) How many ships does Greenpeace have at the moment? : 2
2) In which year was Greenpeace founded? : 1984
3) Which issues does Greenpeace fight against? : Deforestation
4) Where is the Greenpeace Headquarters? : Amsterdam
5) In how many countries does Greenpeace have offices? : 17

Created on September 20, 2013 by
10 question(s)
João Oliveira

Ms. Long's Makeup for Exam One Quiz
You will identify each family type/ Communication type. If you already too the test, the highest grade you can earn is an 80 or B. If you haven't take the test you can take this chance to receive full points. We have gone over the test and this lesson several times, I expect all of you to pass! When you are finished and you see your score, write your name in the comment section and click "Post"
1) A family type that has a dad as head of the household and children : Patrifocal
2) A family type with aunts,uncles and grandparents living in the same house : extended
3) A family type where someone is divorce and remarried or with a stepmom/stepdad : blended family
4) This word means you care for someones feelings : Empathy
5) This word means you care for others : Compassion

Created on September 11, 2013 by
11 question(s)
arion long

Kuiz 1 Quiz
Pengenalan Kepada Teknologi Maklumat
1) Komputer pertama di dunia diilhamkan dari Bill Gates. : True
2) Komputer mula digunakan pada tahun 1990. : True
3) Komputer mampu dihidupkan tanpa cakera keras. : True

Created on September 10, 2013 by
3 question(s)
The Alexander

IQ test Quiz

1) Which one of the five is least like the other four? : Dog
2) Which number should come next in the series? : 8

Created on September 04, 2013 by
2 question(s)
Amr Badawi

Minecraft quiz
Its a Minecraft yeah.
1) Who made Minecraft? : Markuss Notch Persson
2) Minecraft is _______! : Awesome

Created on September 03, 2013 by
2 question(s)
aron ledesma

alex class

1) Is it true if I have 6 quarters I can make $1.50 : True
2) Is it true 16 quarters is $2.00 : True
3) Is it true 1.00 is 4 quarters : True
4) When you have a 1.00 and it 0.50 cents you get two quarters back : True
5) Is wxyz the end of an alpabet : True

Created on September 03, 2013 by
10 question(s)
Carson Clark

1) Is the green color a purple mix : False
2) Shaving a beard is a good thing or a bad thing : Bad
3) Is everything is hot what type of speach : Alteration
4) Is it true or false that I said we are having a pop quiz tomorrow get ready : True

Created on September 03, 2013 by
4 question(s)
Carson Clark

Music Appreciation 139 Chapters 1-2 Part 4
Do quiz, obtain knowledge, simple shit.
1) a piece that has two contrasting sections. : Binary Form
2) a piece that has three contrasting sections. : Ternary Form
3) a large movement structure that uses contrast and repetition, harmonic changes and melody for organization. : Sonata Form
4) a large movement structure that uses contrast and improvisation. : Theme and Variations Form
5) Three lines of verse with the second line repeating the first, then a third line that wraps it up. Each line of verse is four bars long, making the total number of bars 12. : 12-Bar Blues

Created on September 03, 2013 by
17 question(s)
Kainai Shade
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