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Psychology Quizzes

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Human Growth and Development Midterm Quiz
Infancy to late childhood
1) Jasmine and her fetus are Rh incompatible. This means that: : d. Jasmine may produce antibodies that will attack the fetus.
2) ________ occurs when a single sperm cell from the male unites with an ovum (egg) in the female's fallopian tube in a process called fertilization. : Conception
3) Lynne, 5, loves to draw and color. She represents the world with words and her drawings. According to Piaget's cognitive development theory, Lynne is in the ________ stage of cognitive development. : C. formal operational
4) Psychology's newest approach, ________, emphasizes the importance of adaptation, reproduction, and "survival of the fittest" in shaping behavior. : D. cognitive psychology
5) Albert Bandura states that _____ is a critical factor in whether or not students achieve. : d. self-awareness

Created on February 03, 2019 by
71 question(s)
Shana Williams

Êtes-vous plutôt du genre responsable ou coupable? Quiz

1) Votre conjoint vous reproche d’être en retard : : Vous auriez dû l’appeler et vous ne l’avez pas fait.  Du coup, vous vous excusez.
2) Vous vous rendez compte que vous avez pris du poids… : C’est à cause de toutes ces sucreries dans vos placards!
3) Vous êtes toujours fatiguée : : Le problème, c’est que les bonnes émissions à la télé sont toujours programmées tard le soir…
4) Vous n’arrivez plus à suivre le rythme au travail… :

Created on September 17, 2018 by
4 question(s)
Roberto Mayer

soal pramuka
ini soal pramuka penegak
1) Saka yang bergerak dalam bidang kelautan ? : taruna bumi
2) berapa jumlah dasa darma? : 10
3) Dhasa dharma ke-8 berbunyi ? : Disiplin berani dan setia.

Created on November 09, 2017 by
3 question(s)
fauzen 777

Cohen 3E Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
1) The idea that human beings are "prepared" to acquire some phobias and not others flows from a ____________ perspective. : cognitive
2) Lifetime prevalence of Specific Phobias : 2-3%
3) What is not considered a mechanism in treatment efficacy : Extinction
4) Onset of Social Anxiety Disorder is usually : Adolescence
5) Paresthesias means : numbing or tingling sensations

Created on June 05, 2015 by
15 question(s)
Susi Griinke

Santrock Ch 14 Adol Phy, Sub,Eating
PSY 3500
1) G. Stanley Hall: Turbulent time of ‘storm-and-stress’ : Adolescence, like childhood, is interaction of genetic, biological, environmental, and social factors
2) Positive views of Adolescence. : Enthusiasm for new identities reflected in tastes and manners: Music, hair, clothesLook and act different from other generations
3) Negative Views of Adolescents : Some rebellion, hostilityTest boundaries, parental values
4) Positive Youth Development (PYD) : “5 C’s” reflect Positive Psychology: 1. Competence 2. Confidence 3. Connection 4. Character 5. Caring/Compassion
5) Developmental Transitions : Biological changes

Created on April 27, 2015 by
52 question(s)
Pamela Williams

Pilihla salah satu
1) Yang bukan termasuk alat TIK .... : HP
2) yang termasuk alat input : printer

Created on April 14, 2015 by
2 question(s)
O. Dodi Sukmanaga

Kuis Umum
Pertanyaan-pertanyaan berisikan pengetahuan umum
1) Warna dari Google Chrome terdiri dari 4 warna. : Warna dari Google Chrome terdiri dari 4 warna. Yaitu: Merah, Hijau, Kuning, Biru, dan Putih

Created on July 26, 2014 by
1 question(s)
Riski Simanjorang

Mid Term Study Guide
1) What is the process of integrating, organization, and interpreting sensations? : Sensation
2) How high or low a sound is, is called. : decibles
3) The sensory receptor cells in the ear are called hair cells. : False
4) What is not a stage of memory? : Long Term Memory
5) The answers on a multiple choice exam will give you retrieval cues. : False

Created on June 29, 2014 by
15 question(s)
Jana Kaminskas

Trastornos del aprendizaje.
Con este breve quiz, se pretende evaluar los conceptos adquiridos a lo largo de la unidad en lo referente a trastornos del aprendizaje y sus características.
1) Se estima, es el más común de los trastornos descritos, con un elevado porcentaje de afectación del 80% de la población infantil y se presentan problemas para el desarrollo de la lectura grafonémica y para el desarrollo de la lectura léxica: : Discalculia.
2) A pesar de su aspecto externo normal, su frecuente inteligencia y de no tener retraso en la adquisición del habla, un niño con _______________ presenta problemas para relacionarse con los demás niños o adultos: : Trastorno por déficit de atención.
3) Si un sujeto conocido por ser completamente organizado nota que, de repente, comienza a escribir sin proporción y por fuera de los margenes normales, posiblemente estaremos frente a un caso de: : Disgrafía no especifica.
4) De las siguientes características, cual NO corresponde a las presentadas por un sujeto con trastorno por déficit de atención con/sin hiperactividad: : Parece no estar atento ni escuchar cuando se le esta hablando.

Created on May 30, 2014 by
4 question(s)
Elearning Grupo5

Phobia Quiz
How well do you know your phobia facts? Take the quiz to find out. Don't forget to let us know your score on Facebook and Twitter!
1) Are you okay? : True

Created on February 14, 2014 by
1 question(s)
Phoebe Ruddock

Review for Psychology Midterm #3 Quiz
Covers Lectures from the past 3 weeks.
1) How do you solve a problem with an Algorithm? : Use formula twice and then switch.
2) How do :
3) How do you solve a problem with an Algorithm? : Use different formulas each time.

Created on November 10, 2013 by
3 question(s)

Advance Cognitive Neuroscience

1) The cortex consists of six layers that have a certain specialization. Which layers are mainly involved in processing information? : Layer 2 and 3
2) The responses of most neurons, even when the same stimulus is presented repeatedly, show a high degree of variability. Where does this neuronal response variability come from? : The basic spike generation by neurons is not precise and unreliable
3) Which of the following statements is/are true?Statement 1: In multivariate fMRI, the assumption that one voxel influences surrounding voxels is an example of correlation-based coding.Statement 2: One of the problems of neural computational modelling is scalability. : Statement 1
4) Which neurons are primarily located in the fourth cortical layer? : Local contralateral connections
5) What does the term “independent-spike code“ in the book chapter by Abbot and Sejnowski (1999) refer to? : Neurons code information into spikes independently of each other and other action potentials in the same neuron.

Created on September 28, 2013 by
14 question(s)
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