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1) Jarak yang ditempuh lari cepat ... meter. : 2
2) Melangkahkan kaki secara pelan disebut ... : Meloncat
3) Waktu yang baik untuk jalan -jalan adalah ... hari. : Malam
4) Nama lain lari estafet adalah lari .... : Cepat
5) Start yang digunakan dalam lari cepat adalah start ... : Tidur

Created on February 09, 2019 by
5 question(s)
Darul Ulum

Pilihlah Salah Satu jawaban pertanyaan berikut !

Created on February 09, 2019 by
0 question(s)

Practice Exam # 4 Quiz
Mrs. Kathy's Practice Exam for License Exam on March 24th
1) The following medication is prescribed for a patient erythromycin 500 mg b.i.d x 7 days. The pharmacist has only the 250 mg dose in stock. How many 250 mg capsules will the pharmacist dispense to the patient? : 28 capsules
2) Which of the following type of bacteria are spore-forming rods that are non-motile and non-capsulate? : Clostridium perfringens.
3) Prostate cancer is diagnosed in a 58 year old man by biopsy. The tissue specimen is sent to a second laboratory for tests and the results confirm the initial diagnosis. After receiving these results, the patient decides to seek the opinion of another physician. Which of the following defense mechanisms is the patient exhibiting? : Denial
4) Which of the following instruments is used to examine the vagina? : Speculum
5) Which of the following is a positive result of a tuberculosis test? : Induration

Created on February 09, 2019 by
100 question(s)
Demi House

Practice Certification Review Week 5
Mrs. Kathy's Medical Assisting and Extern 1 Class
1) In order to protect the confidentiality and privacy of patients, medical assistants should not? : All of these.
2) Which of the following means "let the higher up answer"? : Respondeat Superior
3) Liable means? : Accountable under law
4) All of the following are part of the Patient's Bill of Rights, except? : Refusing discharge from the hospital
5) Res ipsa loquitur is a Latin phrase that refers to? : Something that is common knowledge or speaks for itself.

Created on February 06, 2019 by
91 question(s)
Demi House

Soal UN Paket 3
Pembahasan soal-soal UN TKJ
1) 1. Pada saat membeli seperangkat komputer dari toko, terdapat spesifikasi perangkat yang terintegrasi sebgai berikut. AMD Radeon R7 240 2GB DDR3 128-bit DVI-DHDMI PCI-E 3.0 Spesifikasi tersebut merupakan ciri dari hardware .... : D. VGA card

Created on February 06, 2019 by
1 question(s)
joni andre

english vocabulary
the catcher in the rye
1) sirvienta : maid
2) halagar : flatter
3) hacer el tonto : horsing around
4) hacer el vacío : ostracize
5) escabullirse : sneak out

Created on February 04, 2019 by
24 question(s)
abril canela

Human Growth and Development Midterm Quiz
Infancy to late childhood
1) Jasmine and her fetus are Rh incompatible. This means that: : d. Jasmine may produce antibodies that will attack the fetus.
2) ________ occurs when a single sperm cell from the male unites with an ovum (egg) in the female's fallopian tube in a process called fertilization. : Conception
3) Lynne, 5, loves to draw and color. She represents the world with words and her drawings. According to Piaget's cognitive development theory, Lynne is in the ________ stage of cognitive development. : C. formal operational
4) Psychology's newest approach, ________, emphasizes the importance of adaptation, reproduction, and "survival of the fittest" in shaping behavior. : D. cognitive psychology
5) Albert Bandura states that _____ is a critical factor in whether or not students achieve. : d. self-awareness

Created on February 03, 2019 by
71 question(s)
Shana Williams

Para entender o uso
1) Esse quizz é bo,? : não

Created on February 03, 2019 by
1 question(s)
Alexandre Vasconcellos

Practice Certification Review Week 4
Mrs. Kathy's class
1) Spiral shaped bacteria are called? : Spirilla
2) Disinfection is? : The destruction of pathogens by physical or chemical means.
3) If a virus has a bacterial host, it is called? : A bacteriophage
4) Which of the following microorganisms is a grape like cluster? : Staphylococci
5) A substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria is said to be? : Bacteriostatic

Created on January 30, 2019 by
90 question(s)
Demi House

Practice Exam #3 Medical Assisting and Extern 1
Mrs. Kathy's class
1) Which of the following statements is not true regarding the preparation of a patient for a MRI? : The patient should avoid alcohol for four hours before the procedure.
2) If the physician in your office needs to refer a patient to another physician, how many referral names should you give to the patient? : You should give 2 at the least.
3) Which abbreviation refers to left ear? : AS
4) Mr. Brown who is 39 years old, received second and third degree burns on his chest, abdomen, upper back and genital area. Which of the following is an estimation of the extent of his burns? : 28%
5) A prescription reads; Ibuprofen 200 mg tabs 2 q 4-6 hr prn fever. Which of the following is indicated with the abbreviation prn? : As needed

Created on January 30, 2019 by
40 question(s)
Demi House

the solar system
a short and easy Quiz about our solar system
1) The Sun is the center of the Solar System : True
2) The Sun travels around Earth : True
3) The Sun travels around Earth : True
4) The Sun is the center of the Solar System : True
5) Mercury is a planet : True

Created on January 29, 2019 by
6 question(s)
christian miro

Quiz Set (28/01/2019)

1) يبيبي : يبيب
2) يبب : يببس

Created on January 28, 2019 by
2 question(s)
abdo emam
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