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Life-Sciences Study Guides

experiments, taxonomy, cell theory,
1) R- reason / purpose E- experiment summary C- conclude data C- compare data to hypothesis A- analyze L- lapses / limits L- light bulb : what is the reason for your experiment? what is your experiment summary? what is the conclusion of your data? what is the comparsion? what is your analysis? what were your lapses and limits? what was your light bulb?

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victoria Chambers

Tip 1. This is Germans territorynot the Nazis ok Tip 2. We are the most richest country with 90,000,000 euros thats €90,000,000 Tip 3. If you like Nazis then dont join this study group Tip 4. Be nice Tip 5. This is a free study group so dont mind the other religions Tip 6. Talk freely just dont curse ok Tip 7. No dating Tip 8. Well mabey a little cursing like hell and mabey dating if you get permission Tip 9. This was started by a girl so yeah Tip 10. Learn as best as you can Tip 11. And finally have fun......
1) First studying math but the math is fun : First we start the numbers by saying them in german

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Elaina Fatzinger

greenhouse effect study guide

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jonathan walton

nucleic acids

1) nucleic acids : study guides

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Carol Yahn

Life Science

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Jaclyn Gafford

life science

1) vocab : idk

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Carmen burgos


1) hot sun coold : do it wiertr

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peggy Clark

this teaches students things to prepare for
1) : make sure u are not near any source of distraction

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grace enike

1) 2+2 : fish

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errmyas getachew

Study Guide-Cell parts definitions

1) yolo : Cell mam

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alexa degray

Study Skills
Reading: SQ3R
1) What is SQ3R, and how does it help me study? : S=SURVEY To survey a reading chapter in a textbook, you would: - look at the title and subtiles of the section you will be reading - look at the graphics and read any applicable captions (graphs, paintings, pictures, etc.) - look at the highlighted words - read the summary or the review if there is one - read the questions at the end of the chapter (this sets a purpose for reading)

Created on March 06, 2012 by
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Maureen Heenan

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Time is of the essence when somebody goes into cardiopulmonary arrest. Whether out in the grocery store or in your own home, what will you do when you witness someone unconscious. Your response could mean life or death...
1) You come home from a long days work. Your wife greets you with a warm kiss. As you begin to ask her how her day went, she places her right hand over chest and falls to the floor. : Does your wife appear to be unconscious? If no, there is no need for CPR. Make sure she is not choking, if she is- ask how you can help. If not choking, ask her what is wrong or if she needs help. Perform first aid if required. If yes, proceed to step 2.

Created on December 13, 2011 by
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