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Select the best answer for each question.

1. Inventory represents the dollar value of
A. items ordered in a given time period.
B. items purchased in a given time period.
C. food products used in a given time period.
D. food products in storage for a given time period.

2. Which is used in determining cost of sales?
A. Food and beverage purchases
B. Per-pound pricing C. Customer counts D. Edible portions
3. Which is a credit to cost of sales?
A. Grease sales
B. Edible portion
C. Food-to-bar transfer
D. Food cost percentage

4. Given the following data, determine the food cost percentage:

Opening inventory ∙ $3,890
Purchases ∙ $74,381
Closing inventory ∙ $2,996
Sales ∙ $233,479

A. 31.1%
B. 32.2%
C. 33.7%
D. 35.6%
5. What is the major advantage of developing standardized recipes?
A. Improve guest satisfaction
B. Improve employee satisfaction
C. Help maintain consistency of food production
D. Help prepare more food with fewer ingredients

6. Who is in charge of developing product specifications?
A. Suppliers B. Customers C. Managers
D. Produce growers

7. Which recipe form lists all ingredients at the top with numbered procedural steps listed below?
A. Block form
B. Narrative form
C. Standardized form
D. Descriptive form

8. What is the major benefit of the EP costing method?
A. It is less time-consuming than the AP costing method.
B. It is more accurate than the AP costing method. C. It is used only in smaller operations.
D. It helps reduce labor costs.

9. Which test measures the amount of shrinkage that occurs during the trimming of a meat product?
A. Butcher’s yield test B. Meat cutting test C. Cooking loss test D. Food yield test
10. Which statement describes plate cost?
A. Total sum of product costs included in a single meal
B. How much food product exists at the start of a given period
C. Actual dollar value of the food used by an operation during a certain period
D. Relationship between sales and the cost spent on food to achieve those sales

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