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The 8 parts of speech

Note 1

Noun: Common noun: names any person, place, thing or idea.
Examples: sister, zoo, boots, restaurant, month, day

Proper noun: names a particular person, place, thing, or idea. Proper nouns are ALWAYS capitalized.
Examples: Jill, Bronx Zoo, Uggs, Planet Pizza, February, Tuesday

Appositive- An appositive is a noun that is placed next to another noun to identify it or add information about it.

An appositive phrase is a group of words that includes an appositive and other words that modify the appositive.

Examples: Ms. Marg’s cat, Stella, rules the house. (Stella is the appositive).

Stella, the queen of Ms. Marg’s house, rules with an iron paw. (the queen of Ms. Marg’s house is the appositive phrase).

Note 2


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