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I had different experiences with online courses. All of my experiences were challenges and led me to realize that online classes aren’t that easy. The promises of these courses being flexible and just only are few weeks are true. However, these courses are for someone very disiplined, open for reading a lot, a good test taker or someone who loves writing papers. We are in the times of using the internet everyday for so many things. So, I understand why many people would take classes online. The one main thing I did enjoy with my online course was being heard. I just would like for everyone to weigh the options. Flexibility, no commute and short courses are the highlights for persuading us to take mobile app advertising online courses.

There are a lot of people who may have reconsidered going back to school for a different career or maybe they never attended school beyond high school. Since, the economy is forever changing, many of us have to keep our skills updated or make career changes. Some people can’t commit to attending school whether it is on a full-time or part-time basis due to busy lives or just other personal commitments. So, one reason for the online courses is to help with time management. These course are flexible and can get accessed at anytime. As in traditional courses, there are deadline to be met. I’ve experienced two types of online courses, which is, one course may require an essay everyweek and for students to answer discussion questions. The other course requires a test every week and answering discussion questions. These courses are honestly for individuals that are disciplined and really into working online. Sometimes, the work takes more time to do since you would have to read the chapters and notes. In the classroom setting, some students can take notes without reading the chapter and do well in the course. So, in my experience I felt as though I spent a lot of time on the online courses than just going to class. The discussion questions are posted at certain times and on certain days but instructors normally want students to reply to each other. There are some students who are eager to get it out of the way and others that may post right on top of the deadline. This sometimes cause problems because you would have to keep checking to see if anyone responded to either your answer or comment. The flexibility again is that you can access the course anytime but with so much reading you will spend a lot of time on schoolwork outside of the course website. Having no commute to and from school may be an attraction.

Since you can access the courses from home that may save you a commute if you have internet at home. This is a perk because you won’t have to waste gas driving to school, paying for parking, driving in bad weather, and trying to meet a schedule. Gas prices are high and saving it by attending class at home is okay. If you are a person that may not want to pay for parking at your college if they charge for parking you save that money. Sometimes, the weather may get bad when you are already at school and then you have to drive home in it. Taking an online course can save the hassle of driving in inclement weather. Eventhough, you can save commute time, gas, and be safe in times of bad weather would this be enough to make you decide to skip the traditional classroom. Another reason people may be attracted to online courses is because of the short courses.

These accelerated courses are normally eight weeks in length so you can complete your certificate, diploma, or degree in a shorter time than in a traditional classroom setting. You will be required to complete a lot of work since it is accelerated and this could mess with your time if you are busy. There are courses that are semester length also, since a lot of schools are starting to include online courses. If you are up to the challenge then maybe the fast pace of the course and heavy load is a good fit for you.

I have my likes and dislikes of online courses but depending on my situation I may take them since they are not that bad. The courses that requires an essay everyweek is okay but I like the test courses better because scores show up right away. The instructor has to grade the essays and you would have to type it according to their guidelines. Essays are a weakness to some and you would have to know the material well in order to have a well written essay. Saving money on gas, parking and no commute is attractive. Allowing students to work from anywhere at anytime is attractive. The amount of coursework may be heavy but a disciplined person with the goal of getting their schooling done will be fine.

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